Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1

Sun Mountain V1The Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 has been updated for every golfer to enjoy. With features that will allow you to secure  your bag without straps, an adjustable handle and foam tires that make rolling this cart extremely effortless. If you need to travel, this cart will fold down easily to fit in your car trunk. It’s accessorized to keep everything you need from tees to beverages. This really is the best cart for the serious walking golfer.

In practice this was the best cart for moving around anywhere on the course. It was comfortable to push or pull and light enough to not drag you down. It was easy to move around the trees and cart paths. A great deal for this cart can be found on


Golf Buyers Guide to Golf Carts

For those of you who don’t like, or aren’t able, to carry the weight of a golf set for the length of the entire course there is a great alternative. A golf push or pull cart can fill your needs; advantages start by allowing you to push or pull your bag around the green for 18 holes. They have become ideal for many health conscious golfers who want the most practical and effective way to exercise on the course. Benefits include taking pressure off your body, but still allowing you to get the exercise you look for while walking the course. For many golfers, carts have become an essential utility. They have come a long way from being a basic tripod aluminum prop for golf bag transportation. These vehicles have now been designed to move around the golf course in high tech fashion.

As you consider purchasing your first golf cart? Stay tuned this week as we review the top golf carts on the market.

Best Senior Club Set

A senior club set is created for someone who has a slower swings and needs a little extra help. They are created to be forgiving, and easy to hit.The best selling senior set for the best value is the Tour Edge HP7 Package Set. This set includes a 460cc 11.5 degree driver, which has been crafted for high MOI and heel toe weighting for more forgiveness on off-center tee shots. Along with the driver the set also comes with 2 fairway woods and an easy-to-hit hybrid. The irons come in a stainless steel shaft, which includes a mallet style putter. The package set includes a cart bag and headcovers.

The reason this is such a popular set is because of the forgiveness of the clubs. The clubs are made to drive straight and gain the player distance. Trust us they have lived up to these expectations.

Best Men’s Complete Golf Club Set-Adams Tight Lies Plus

Adams Tight Lies SetOne of the best sellers on the market for men’s full club sets is the Adams Tight Lies Plus Set. This collection is built for forgiveness and accuracy. The set includes a titanium driver fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. The woods have graphite shafts and the irons are made of a lightweight steel. The set also includes headcovers and a premium stand bag.

As far as the usability of this set is concerned the clubs hit great on impact. The testers raved about the hybrids being a great addition to this set, they work to give players incredible distance on every shot. This is a set for players looking to upgrade their existing clubs. The best part of these clubs is the value, coming in at only $499 at these truly an unbeatable deal.

Buying A Golf Club Set-The How To Guide

GOLF BAGTake a break from buying individual clubs; buying a complete set is hassle free and a great value. When is the right time to buy a complete set? This can vary on skill set and budget. Many beginner golfers will buy a complete set to get started, this is a great option. A basic set of clubs is what any golfer needs to start playing the game. The set should include the following clubs; three woods, a collection of 3-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. As you need more you can add these on to suite your abilities. This is a great way to get started and get out to the greens.

The first thing to determine it your skill level before purchasing a golf set.

Low handicap golfers (those who are in the single digits) generally want to look for a set that has at least one fairway wood most likely it will be the 3-wood. As far as irons go look for lower irons while the 3 and 4 are more difficult to hit they are also the most useful if used properly. Taking a look at the wedges at least 3 wedges should be in the bag a sand, pitching, and either lob or approach wedge.

Mid-handicap golfers are those that play the bogey golf, generally one over par. Most of the mid handicappers will have a driver and a 3 wood or 5 wood in the bag. A good fairway wood is the perfect way to control consistency on the course. Irons will usually be 3-9 with the addition of wedges.

A high-hadicap golfer are generally those beginners and weekend golfers who shoot closer to 100. Some may not even need a driver in their bag because a driver may bring distance to a players game but it’s very difficult to control it’s accuracy. A fairway wood is a better option off-the-tee a 3-wood is the perfect way to start this and the 7 and 9 wood are a good option to be carried in the bag. Adding up to 3 wedges to the bag is a good idea including the pitching, sand, and either lob or approach wedge.

The most basic set will be a compilation of 2 or 3 woods, 8 irons, wedges, putter, and driver.

Choosing the right flex, as a beginner is also very important, these will range from regular to stiff. Intermediate players will also want to trade up and get new clubs. Buying a complete set is an easy and stress free way to do this.

See the Full Clubs Sets Category for in depth reviews

Black Friday 2010-Best Golf Deals

Black Friday is almost here, and with it, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Even more official is cyber Monday (yes, everyone loves to shop at work). Golfers looking for the best deals on the web.

Check out:

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This Seasons Best Putter Collectoin

Odyssey White ICEWe all know Odyssey can make a great insert and they have done it again with the Odyssey White ICE collection. The insert create a soft feel and forgiveness. With this round, Odyssey has made a new face insert that will compensate for golf ball changes allowing players to have a more responsive feel. Along with the new face the putters have a new black nickel finish to upstage their predecessors. Odyssey has taken the lead in this trend of finishes. The darker finish will also help prevent glare. The shapes are familiar to previous Odyssey putter collections. The putter comes in 7 different styles able to make any golfer happy: Sabertooth, #1, #7, #9, and White Ice Rossie. They also come in 3 different lengths. Overall great putters for a variety of players. You can find them for $129 on

Wilson Staff Putters

Best Putter That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Wilson Staff is a name known for offering top-quality and affordable golfing equipment. The Wilson Staff Putters come in 5 styles for this 888 collection. These precision milled putters are incorporated with the most cutting edge technology. That technology is a Visual Plane Differential Alignment technology (VDP) with markings to aid golfers to position their eyes directly on target for a consistent strike. The milled flat face was made for consistent ball strikes. Grooves on the face promote a forward spin and reduce sidespin making the ball stay on target.

These are the perfect clubs for golfers who are serious about their game and their wallet. The testers agreed that these putters will cut down on strokes during your short game.


Odyssey’s Putter Collection

odyssey white hot XG

The Odyssey White Hot XG collection are some of the most coveted putters in the game. Golf is a game of fine margins. When it comes down to making your putts you want to have the best club at your disposal. There are great choices in this collection no matter what your putter style is. The Odyssey putters utilize a multi-layer inset that is designed for better performance with any golf ball. The insert material combines features of feel and distance to create a club that delivers high level performance. The core material is soft for an enhanced feeling. The design of the putter clearly defines where the sweet spot is.

The performance of these putters all live up to expectations. The overall look of these putters is quite striking, namely the sabertooth model. They all come with their own features depending on what you’re looking for. The two-ball putter design produces an MOI level higher than most two-ball putters you have played with. Overall these clubs live up to their technology enhancements, making these putters have overwhelming forgiveness and softness.

Classic Putters With A Twist

Today’s putter we will be looking at a company who’s name synonymous with quality in putters and wedges, Cleveland. Todays most classic putter comes from the Cleveland Classic Bronze Putters collection. They are inspired by classic golf and kicked up a notch, with the newest in performance technology. All five models have heel-toe weighting which increases MOI for added forgiveness, while helping to limit unwanted twists from off-center hits. The cooper infused face inset makes for a soft, responsive feel.

The testers thought that the heel-toe weighting really allowed for putts across the face to roll straight. This is a great club for players looking for a classic shape, value price, and a great feel. The four models offered come in the bronze finish. The bronze is an important element, which is starting to be a real trend in golf. The bronze finish helps minimize glare. This is a great addition to a classic club.

Cleveland Mallet

Cleveland Classic Bronze Mallet