Golf Buyers Guide To Drivers

A driver or fairway wood is the first club that most people pull out of their bag on the green. Drivers offer distance where as the fairway wood will give the golfer precision in their shot with a little less distance. This is the main distinction between the two clubs. A golfer may ask how to choose the right driver? Understanding the size of the club head, right shaft, loft, weight, and length is the best start.

  • Shafts come in two materials graphite and steel. The steel shaft is stronger, more durable, and a less expensive option. It offers more control on shots but the trade off is that it requires a faster swing speed. Graphite creates a lightweight club with more power but you sacrifice control.
  • Loft is the angle of the club head. If you’re looking for a club to give you more control you will have to sacrifice the distance.
  • The weight of the driver is based on your handicap a low handicap golfer should have a heaver club and a high handicap will want a lighter club. An experienced golfer will have faster swing speeds and be able to have more control.
  • There are 3 basic lengths on a driver traditional, mid-length, and long. The risk you take with buying a longer club is substantially less control of your shots.

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