Distance Driver

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver

If you want to improve your distance game with a driver look no further than this club. The club is the third generation of Adams aerodynamic design. Like the name suggests it’s designed to increase speed. The logic they use is that the faster the club the longer the shot. The new aerodynamic features reduce drag in all the stages of a golfers swing. It comes in three different loft degrees 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 depending on what you’re looking for.  There is also a choice of 2 high quality shafts.

Adams Speedline Fast 10

The distinction this club has from the other Speedline drivers is that the club head is forged and welded instead of cast. It can be put in the performance enhancing club category. The new technology delivers extra distance to any player who picks up with club. The look is a traditional driver but once you look under the hood of this club you see there is more than meets the eye.

Our testers said it immediately added extra yards to their drive and it was an easy to play with club. To try it out for yourself go to http://www.golfclubs.com


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