Nike Golf’s Best Driver

This weeks last review on drivers will conclude with Nike’s SQ MachSpeed Driver. This is a for a golfer looking for the latest in technology and something new to show off on the course. This driver obviously, has a very different look than any driver you have seen. It’s eight different face-angle options make it easy for shaping your shots Additionally this club has improved it’s aerodynamics from it’s predecessors. It comes in 5 different lofts 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 11.5 and HL.

Product testers agree that this is the best club that will reduce drag and allow for faster acceleration. It’s the perfect club for an average player looking to improve their game and have all of the newest technological advances. If that doesn’t sell you the distance and accuracy on this club make the SQ MachSpeed something worth considering. There is an incredible distance increase with this club, on average about 15 yards extra was gained. The accuracy is impeccable, majority of shots hit off of this club, due to its design, go virtually straight.  Overall it is a great club from Nike Golf.


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