How To Buy A Putter

Moving on from drivers we go to the second most important club in the bag…. The putter. Nothing gets more personal than a golfers putter. A putt is where a golfer lives or dies. A putter is chosen by style, look, weight and technology. There are 5 different types of putters:

Blade: Is a narrow and flat shape that gives you the best feel for the ball. This shape is most popular among the lower handicap players.

Mallet: This putter has a large and rounded head. The weight for this putter is usually balanced throughout the club, which provides for a more consistent stroke.

Perimeter Weighted: Just like the name suggests this type’s weight is balanced through the perimeter, which will stabilize any slight mis-hits. The design shape leads to a very forgiving club with a larger sweet spot.

Insert: Designed with composite insets made of a softer material. The reason for doing this is it provides for a better feel on the putter and a smoother role. The inset is in the face of the putter defining the club’s sweet spot.

Offset: The blade is placed back from the shaft slightly. This allows a golfers eye to be more directly on top of the ball when standing over the putt. This will also increase topspin for a better roll.

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