Odyssey’s Putter Collection

odyssey white hot XG

The Odyssey White Hot XG collection are some of the most coveted putters in the game. Golf is a game of fine margins. When it comes down to making your putts you want to have the best club at your disposal. There are great choices in this collection no matter what your putter style is. The Odyssey putters utilize a multi-layer inset that is designed for better performance with any golf ball. The insert material combines features of feel and distance to create a club that delivers high level performance. The core material is soft for an enhanced feeling. The design of the putter clearly defines where the sweet spot is.

The performance of these putters all live up to expectations. The overall look of these putters is quite striking, namely the sabertooth model. They all come with their own features depending on what you’re looking for. The two-ball putter design produces an MOI level higher than most two-ball putters you have played with. Overall these clubs live up to their technology enhancements, making these putters have overwhelming forgiveness and softness.


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