Golf Buyers Guide to Golf Carts

For those of you who don’t like, or aren’t able, to carry the weight of a golf set for the length of the entire course there is a great alternative. A golf push or pull cart can fill your needs; advantages start by allowing you to push or pull your bag around the green for 18 holes. They have become ideal for many health conscious golfers who want the most practical and effective way to exercise on the course. Benefits include taking pressure off your body, but still allowing you to get the exercise you look for while walking the course. For many golfers, carts have become an essential utility. They have come a long way from being a basic tripod aluminum prop for golf bag transportation. These vehicles have now been designed to move around the golf course in high tech fashion.

As you consider purchasing your first golf cart? Stay tuned this week as we review the top golf carts on the market.


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