Game Improving Hybrid-Callaway FT-iZ Hybrid

Callaway-ft-iz-hybridCallaway not a stranger to cutting edge technology this time they incorporated advanced ‘Fusion’ technology into their FT-iZ Hybrid. The multi-fusion technology was placed in the stainless steel body and sole. They combined multi material construction with high-density weights to maximize the perimeter weighting. This created the most advanced hybrid they have ever created.  Callaway’s engineering goal of the FT-iZ was to create a club that would deliver the trajectory and performance better players were demanding. What they ended up with was a club that offered maximum performance and maximum stability in the longest and most accurate club they have ever made.

As far as performance goes there was an increased feel and accuracy with high, powerful trajectories that flew far and landed soft. The clubhead was larger than most hybrids, which makes this an excellent club for the mid to higher handicap players.


Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid Review

Cobra_Baffler Rail Hybrid The Cobra Baffler Rail is the latest club in the already popular Baffler Hybrid series. The Rail incorporates a thin steel face insert that has been designed to increase ball speeds on impact. Distance can a also be added to your game by the stronger lofts they manufactured. The thinner face created a redistributed weight for improved launch conditions. The sole design was a great upgrade from its predecessor.

The best feature on this hybrid is it’s solid design. It works great for shots in semi-rough and bad lies. With a reputation as an easy-to-hit club, our testers will add to that description and agree. The performance of the Baffler continues the popularity of this series. It was excellent for short shots and you didn’t sacrifice accuracy or distance when switching to this club. Overall this is an extremely versatile hybrid that golfers don’t have to think twice about before adding to their golf bag arsenal.

Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid

Adams has always been on the cutting edge of technology for hybrid golf clubs and they have had many victories, with #1 selling clubs every year. The Black Super Hybrid was designed to be a bigger and more powerful club than any other hybrid on the market. It’s built for players who are looking for a high performance hybrid that is going to give them maximum distance as well as accuracy and forgiveness.

This was an easy club to play with, where it really shined was in forgiveness, shanked shots were easily corrected. Overall, Adams has created another great hybrid to add to their long line of incredible clubs. We thought this club was especially made as an overall performance changer, helping a golfer in not only distance but accuracy and forgiveness as well.


Buyers Guide To Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf hybrids were developed out of a need for a cross between a wood and an iron. Sometimes referred to as utility clubs, hybrids are a recent addition to the array of golf equipment. The overall design of a hybrid club was made  so a golfer can hit the ball easier. They combine the advantages of an iron with the forgiving nature of a wood. As mentioned they were designed as a mixture between clubs and thus they generally replace long irons 2,3,4 and sometimes 5. They are primarily used to hit the ball for long distances with an accurate shot. Generally known to outperform the wood in distance and the iron in accuracy. The reason this has been made possible is that manufacturers have shifted the center of gravity for the golf club to the bottom, which allows you to launch the ball with ease and control the direction. The club head is similar to a fairway wood, hollow and made from steel or titanium. The face is flatter and the shafts are shorter compared to the irons and woods. Overall these clubs were designed with a game improving mindset to allow golfers to hit the ball with distance an accuracy, not to mention easily. They are a great investment if you want to add these characteristics to your arsenal.

Please see our Hybrid category for full reviews of clubs or this article for the history of hybrids.

Callaway Diablo Edge Irons Steel Set

Callaway’s Diablo Edge Iron Set was designed and engineered to help golfers with distance and accuracy. The verdict, longer and more consistent distance, not to mention they will also improve your accuracy. They are the longest and most user friendly irons that Callaway has built. They were designed with the average golfer in mind, studying how they strike the ball. The aftermath, Callaway decided to drop the centre of gravity 50% lower and 17% deeper to move the sweet spot to the exact area where most golfers hit their shots. How this affects how golfers hit is that they will find a longer, consistent distance and improved accuracy.

Overall Callaway has truly looked into what makes a golfer tick and how they can help their game. Distance and accuracy were the largest factors that helped drive this iron set design. Callaway definitely delivered on both of these points, as well as amazing forgiveness.


Nike SQ Machspeed Irons Steel Set

nike SQ MachSpeed

The Nike SQ Machspeed Iron Steel Set is known for 3 key functions: speed, stability, and launch. That’s why this set of irons is perfect for most golfers. The speed gives golfers greater distance, the stability gives you forgiveness, and the launch is how the iron functions. The look of this club is a new and edgy compared to the classic irons.

Many testers thought the look was futuristic which was as close to a complaint as they gave. If you are looking for a set that’s going to give you high launch and forgiveness this is definitely the set for you. Overall, it has all the bells and whistle’s you would expect in a set of irons.

Adams Idea a7 Steel Set Review

The perfect set of game improving irons are the Adams IDEA A7 Steel Set. The IDEA A7 set was designed with the average golfer in mind. Each of the irons have been individually designed and optimized to outperform the traditional set. They still have the traditional look of an iron set but Adams stepped them up to the next level. Starting out with a transition 5-iron and moving up through to their game changing hybrids. The #3 and #5 hybrids are a blend performance of forgiveness and distance.

Adams continues to be a leader in product development for average golfers. When tested by beginners they saw and immediate change in the straightness and constancy of their shots. They have absolutely made game improving equipment in an easy-to-use club set. Voted Best on Golf Digests Hot List they are the perfect set of combination irons and hybrids. We would recommend this set to beginners through to intermediate as a stepping stone set to advance their game.


TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons Steel Set

The technology used in these irons was from a progressive COR, MOI and shaft length that is individualized for each clubs. TaylorMade used their ‘Inverted Cone’ technology, which expands the effective hitting area on the clubface for added performance. The technology also used produces high trajectory and the distance expected out of a TaylorMade. These were designed to be easy to hit and add serious distance to your game.

The best qualities in these irons are that they can be hit straight and accurate with solid contact. These irons are a great choice for any ability or handicap. The only downfall is that these irons are longer than the standard set; this makes it a little bit harder to hit. TaylorMade’s mission was clearly accomplished, they set out to make a set that was longer and easier to hit. These are the perfect game improving set of irons if you are a beginning player or intermediate.

Golf Buyers Guide To Irons

Golf IronsMany times irons get left in the dust when there are other shiny new clubs to be bought. This week we will be giving irons the credit that they deserve, as they are an essential part of a golfers game. Golfers usually carry about 8-9 irons in their bag, the right set is very important to buy since they play a considerable part in your bag. What do irons do? They are the clubs that allow you to control and shape your shots. What makes irons different from each other and their price tags is the manufacturing process, the materials used on the shaft, and the design.

There are two different processes to manufacture the shape of the iron head, forged and cast. Forging: The process of forging a club starts with a piece of metal that is conformed to a rough shape and then hammered until the desired design is complete. The materials they use are either carbon steel or chrome for the club head, they finish this off by milling, grinding, and drilling. The characteristics of a forged iron is that the center of gravity is in the center of the club head, most forged irons have the weight higher in the face, allowing the advanced player to have better control of the trajectory.

Casting: Casting a club head involves using a mold of an iron-head design and pouring liquid metal into it. This process allows manufactures to make a more complex head design. Like it sounds this process is easier and cheaper than forging the metal. Casting an iron has what is known as cavity back construction or perimeter weighting. They also tend to have a larger sweet spot because it puts more weight on the edges of the clubface.

Like many clubs irons come in two different materials graphite and steel. The steel shafts a more durable and a stronger material; they are also the cheaper option. Graphite will transmit fewer vibrations up the shaft as opposed to the steel. Less vibration means less feedback, which for more experienced golfers is a good thing. Graphite is the lighter option, which generally translates into additional swing speed for most golfers.

The different designs for irons is based on three models, blade, cavity back and hybrid. A small surface area to hit from characterizes blade irons. The blade has an even weight distribution throughout the club. Another defining characteristic of the blade iron is that it generally has a smaller sweet spot. The cavity irons differ by their perimeter weighted head. This makes the off-center shots more forgiving, flying longer and straighter. Also because of it’s weighting system the clubhead produces a larger sweet spot. These are designed for a higher handicap golfer who is able to benefit from the larger sweet spot.

Limited Edition Cobra ZL White Driver

For those of you who are interested in purchasing one of those 500 Cobra Limited Edition ZL white drivers, you can at! (a minimum bid of $625, a small price for a piece of history). As Cobra has only made 500 this is a deal that won’t come around very often. This is the same driver that Ian Poulter first showed off at the HSBC Tournament. Check it out at

Update: They have sold both of their Limited Edition ZL Drivers