The Ultimate Wedgemaker

Cleveland Golf has a long history of making great wedges. Their best wedge to date is the CG15 Black Pearl Wedges. This wedge combines classic design with an advanced manufacturing process. In the manufacturing process they created sharper and deeper grooves. The dark pearl finish has become a familiar look for Cleveland fans. Fans and testers agree that hitting everything from basic chips and bunker shots to pitch shots, knockdowns and from a variety of lies, this wedge never fails. Where it really shines is the chip shots. Shooting from the fringe the ball lands with serious backspin, which allows the ball’s momentum to move softly toward the hole. What’s different about this wedge from its predecessor’s is the head is smaller and the logo has been removed from the sole. If you have ever owned a Cleveland wedge before they have the same familiar feel.

It comes in lofts ranging from 46 to 64 degrees with multiple bounce angels. This is the perfect wedge for any player looking to upgrade their clubs to the best on the market.

Cleveland CG15 Wedge


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