Technology and Innovation-TaylorMade xFT Wedge

TaylorMade has always been on the forefront of golf club technology and innovation, they didn’t hold back when making the TaylorMade xFT Wedge. Looking at this wedge it is not your traditional wedge design. The shape and grind of the wedge is in a traditional shape but the twist is obviously seen where two screw sets fasten the face on. The exchangeable face innovation happened out of a need to replace warn down grooves. Many pro and tour players become accustomed to the weight and feel of a wedge and don’t want to change or replace it for fear of sacrificing spin and playability. Technology for wedges has been relatively the same for years with the exception of grooves.

The performance of this wedge was the regular feel and performance of a classic wedge. However, the exchangeable faces lived up to our expectations, which makes this very unique in the arena of golf. This is the perfect wedge for players who play a considerable amount of golf and can easily wear out a wedge in a year. A perfect gift for any for avid golf and tour players.

TaylorMade xFT Wedge


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