Improve Your Game With A Golf Rangefinder or GPS

Thanks to modern technology, golfers have a new gadget to help, hand held GPS. With the use of accurate distance reads from the green to the pin and precise locations of hazards golfer can take off several strokes from their game.

What a golfer can see by using a GPS rangefinder is distances, hazards, yardage and some even show the right club for certain situations. How can they do this you ask? The handheld GPS uses aerial satellite data to find accurate distances.

The GPS cuts out guesswork and frustration that can be caused by a golfers inaccurate read of a course. Some of the frustration comes from hazards you experience on the course like water or sand traps. When you know these can be avoided, it’s worth trying out a GPS.

Golf is a game of knowledge and precision. These devices give golfers more knowledge than they have ever possessed in the past.

Golf equipment manufacturers are quickly getting into this market. Famous club maker Callaway has several rangefinders on the market. However, club makers are not the only players in this industry. GPS guru’s Garmin, Skygolf, and Leupold are also serious players in the GPS and rangefinder industry.

Here are the top 3 rangefinders on the market:

  • Leupold GX-1Uses laser technology and precision optics for accurate line-of-sight measurements. This is the most accurate and tournament legal rangefinder on the market. Leupold proudly defines themselves on precision optics, laser technology, and high quality manufacturing. The best part is it’s small enough to fit in any bag.
  • Callaway LR550 This rangefinder can measure up to 550 yards and it will display the nearest target. It also allows you to measure the distance from the pin to the green even with woods in the background. With quick response times and battery saving features this is a great investment.
  • Garmin Approach G3 GPS This device displays your exact position on a detailed course map. As you move through the course it will automatically update your position, allowing golfers to always know the exact yardage to the pin.

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