Buyers Guide To Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf hybrids were developed out of a need for a cross between a wood and an iron. Sometimes referred to as utility clubs, hybrids are a recent addition to the array of golf equipment. The overall design of a hybrid club was made  so a golfer can hit the ball easier. They combine the advantages of an iron with the forgiving nature of a wood. As mentioned they were designed as a mixture between clubs and thus they generally replace long irons 2,3,4 and sometimes 5. They are primarily used to hit the ball for long distances with an accurate shot. Generally known to outperform the wood in distance and the iron in accuracy. The reason this has been made possible is that manufacturers have shifted the center of gravity for the golf club to the bottom, which allows you to launch the ball with ease and control the direction. The club head is similar to a fairway wood, hollow and made from steel or titanium. The face is flatter and the shafts are shorter compared to the irons and woods. Overall these clubs were designed with a game improving mindset to allow golfers to hit the ball with distance an accuracy, not to mention easily. They are a great investment if you want to add these characteristics to your arsenal.

Please see our Hybrid category for full reviews of clubs or this article for the history of hybrids.


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