Buyers Golf Guide 2011

With some help from Golf Digest 2011 Hot List we compiled a list of the best golf equipment of 2011. We will start our guide with the first club you want to see out of your bag, the driver. Since this is the one club that has the most technological advances it makes it the most interesting too see what manufactures will come up with next.


Callaway Diablo Octane Fairway Wood Review

Complete with a partnership from Lamborghini the Diablo Octane Fairway Woods are state of the art. With Callaway’s breakthrough material, Forged Composite, they have created a line out of the lightest and strongest material ever used on a golf club. The fairway woods have been updated and reengineered to increase the club’s effective hitting area. This means that you have a better chance of not slicing the ball. In practice this was very true the larger hitting area also boosted ball speeds and flight.

Callaway FT-iZ Fairway Wood Review

Callaway’s mission when creating this line of clubs of to update their technology and create the longest and straightest fairway woods they have ever produced. With advanced Fusion Technology this mutli material construction design is one complete club. It delivers high MOI and ball speed with long trajectories. This club pushes the boundaries of technology and design. When tested it performed as promised. The club had a great feel even if it is a bit longer than most woods. The ball flight was noticeably better than previously. It really is a complete club with everything a golfer should be looking for in a Fairway Wood. Check out this club and more from  the Callaway Golf line at out favorite golf store

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Fairway Wood Review

Adams created a fairway wood that was had the most aerodynamic shape they could. They did this to create less drag and airflow, which in turn will give the golfer more distance. They are precision milled for optimized center of gravity. The weight pads allow for 2 ball flight options.

This was an easy to hit club from a variety of lies. We would like to point out how easy it was to hit from difficult places in out in the rough. The Speedline Fast 10 is a great addition to the bag if you are looking for a club that will give you accuracy.

Cobra S3 Fairway Review

Compared to the S2 line the Cobra s3 Fairway Wood has a larger offset face. It was designed to provide draw biased distance with forgiveness from the fairway. The larger face has increased the overall distance and to deliver superior forgiveness.

Reviewing this club the looks and design were obviously right on par. The larger sweetspot was a great addition to this club and let us tell you it hit like a beauty great addition to any golfers bag. If you want a club that is going to give you accuracy and forgiveness I would go check this out.

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Golf Buyers Guide to Fairway Woods

Drivers offer distance and the fairway wood gives the golfer precision in their shot with a little less distance, this is the main distinction between these clubs. Another difference between them is the length. A Fairway wood is ideal for control, they are designed with a greater loft, which won’t hit them as far but will keep the ball on line. This makes them perfect on holes that have a narrow landscape and either hazards or out of bounds, which you could easily hit into. Most commonly golfers will use a fairway wood in the short grass.  A great place to use this them is long approach shots. How to buy the right fairway wood for you? This depends on what type of shots you want to take with the fairway wood. They are a great alternative to not only drivers but to 2,3, and 4 irons. A club with a lower center of gravity makes it easier to get the ball in the air and out of the fairway. The larger the clubhead the larger the sweet spot you have to hit and increase control and distance.

Please see the Fairway Woods category for all the reviews.

Tour Edge Lady Set Review

TourEdgeLadySetIf you are just starting out and want to buy your first set of clubs the Tour Edge has created the perfect fit for you. Tour Edge has created this set of clubs for a golfer who wants a set of game improving, easy to hit clubs. With the variety of clubs in the set including woods, long and short irons they are a great deal. The price on these just can’t be beat. Head over to if you want to pick up a set for yourself at the best price online. This is the perfect set of clubs for women.

Ping Faith Iron Set Review

ping faith setThe Ping Faith Series carries a fantastic range of clubs designed for women. A female golfer typically has a slower swing speed but in Ping’s Faith series engineers designed their clubs to accommodate for this. They created a set of irons that would boost the slower swing speed for women. The driver has the same internal weighting properties as the K15, which helps golfers square the face at impact. The clubs are lightweight easy for women to not only play with but also carry. In practice these were a great set of irons. We would highly recommend them to female golfers who are looking for a new iron set that was specifically designed for them. If you are ready to purchase a your set today we suggest you head over to one of our favorite online golf retailers

Adams a70S Keri Max Set Review

Adams a70S Keri MaxAdams a70s Keri MAX set was designed with the luxury of golf in mind. They created it with a female in mind with not only the design but the style features and the clubs themselves. This set includes Fast 10 Driver, three fairway woods, a70S hybrids, two wedges, and a putter. Lastly, the full set comes with their stylish cart bag. They are easy to hit clubs and will make your game not only more fun but fashionable.

Callaway Solaire Complete Ladies Set Review

The Callaway Solaire is a 14 piece complete golf club set for women. The clubs in this bag are lightweight and made with a woman’s specific needs in mind. The clubheads are lighter with draw biases and higher lofts. The set includes a titanium driver, three stainless steel fairway woods, three hybrids, two irons, three wedges and a mallet putter.

Callaway is one of the most respected manufacturers in the golf industry and they left off no bells and whistles when designing a top of the line club set for women. Overall it is a well-designed set from a great company. It is the perfect set for a recreational golfer looking for a makeover. Head over to an online golf store to buy your set today.