TaylorMade Penta TP Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade_PentaTaylorMade made history with this set of golf balls. This was the first set of golf balls to be manufactured by 5-piece construction. Each layer was designed to improve a different part of the player’s game. The cover is responsible for the ball’s spin. The second layer is there to help  the spin rate of your short game. Third layer promotes launch and helps add distance. Fourth layer was designed to be softer and will compress the ball for better distance. Fifth layer is the core, which helps produce low spin, high launch, and longer distances.

This best part about this ball is that with all its technological advances it can still be played by any level of golfer. The five layer construction brings golfers exceptional feel, spin, control, and launch. As far as durability goes after a few weeks of testing it only has a few scuffs, which is important since each ball costs almost $4. Easily one of the softest golf balls I have felt in a while. If your not an insert player when it comes to putting you would be surprised . Definitely a golf ball that will surprising impress you, it performs great off the driver and even better on the greens.


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