Alignment Putter-The Odyssey White Ice DART Putter Review





The latest and greatest from the awe-inspiring Odyssey line of putters is the 2011 White Ice Dart Putters. The already popular White Ice collection has added two more impressive putters, one mallet and one blade. The latest in alignment technology and perimeter weighting is what sets these putters apart from the rest. As the name suggests D.A.R.T stands for Direction And Realignment Technology and these putters are designed to ensure accuracy and consistent distance control. Callaway’s already popular insert is of course added to thus multi-layer putter as part of the White Ice collection.

Of course this putters unique style is defined by its recognizable arrow alignment design on top of the putter. This alignment aid is easy to use when lining up putts as it points you in the right direction. It’s not the best one we have ever seen but it definitely does the job. It has a great feel right in line with the rest of the Ice series. Great feedback on putts as well. Overall we really enjoyed this latest addition to the White Ice series from Odyssey. It comes in blade or mallet styles depending on your preferences. We recommend you head over to our favorite online store to check out these new Odyssey White Ice DART Putters


SkyCaddie SGX GPS Review

The newest installment to the SkyCaddie GPS line is the SGX. This unit is mecca for those looking for reliability and convenience. The one thing that is catchy about this device is that you have to spend some money if you want to use all of the features. But once you get it going the features are completely worth it. Our favorite features is the screen whether you have good or bad whether it’s always shinning, no glare even when it’s sunny. The last thing you want is to have to squint to see what it’s telling you. The battery life lasts for a good amount of time as far as we could tell in testing no problems with it draining too fast. A good price as far as GPS units go. We suggest you go to and see what kind of deals they have going on for GPS units.

Best Golf Shoes

Zoom_TrophyNike Heritage

Nike is obviously one of the best shoemakers out there and that is why they top our list for the best golfing shoes. They have just about every type of golf shoe you could want from the classic style to your favorite sports team. Our personal favorite Nike golf shoes are the Nike Heritage and Zoom Trophy. The Nike Heritage golf shoes are made from a water resistant synthetic leather. This is a proven material that works to keep the rain out. Another reason we like this golf shoe is the price point a cool $59.99 this price is a steal for this quality of shoe. Nike Zoom Trophy are some of the comfiest Nike shoes we have tried which is why we don’t mind walking the whole 18 in these bad boys. They also come in a variety of colors so you can customize your shoe to match your style.

ECCO Casual CoolIf we are talking comfort ECCO golf shoes are like walking on water (not that we know what that’s like). But these are some of the comfiest golf shoes we have ever put on. There is a reason you have to spend a few more dollars on these golf shoes but let’s be honest it’s well worth it. The ECCO Casual Cool are some of our favorites from last season but they are the classic golf shoe design and hold up fantastically under all weather conditions. 

How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Choosing the right golf shoe is like choosing any other shoe, the right one ultimately comes down to personal choice. A shopper needs to lay out what they’re looking for and what they want out of a golf shoe. Some questions you should ask yourself are: What type of weather do I expect to play in? Do I want my shoes to be fashionable? Are they only for comfort? Last but certainly not least important. What is my price range?

All golf shoes have some sort of common denominator after you weed out the shoes don’t have the bare necessities then you can choose the right one based on personal preferences. A good golf shoe most importantly needs to have good traction. These shoes are built to give golfers a good grip on the ground. Their functional design is to give stability in their body so they can take a proper swing. Traction is important for golfers when they are on a bunker. Golfers aren’t allowed to ground clubs into the sand or take a practice shots so it can be difficult to find your footing and keep balanced, which is why good traction is essential.

Knowing what type of weather you will be playing in is crucial when choosing the type of material you want your shoe to be. Most golfers will experience some rain and bad weather on the course that is inevitable. It is the degree of that weather that you have to consider when choosing your shoe. The more rain you will be playing in the more waterproof and water-resistant you want your shoes to be. Every golfers shoe should be at the very least water-resistant.

Comfort is important because as a golfer you know that you will be walking for long stretches. This is usually what makes a good shoe is comfort. Look for a shoe that is lightweight and flexible is critical to the comfort level. Some shoes are even made with memory foam for added comfort. This is where price will come into play, if you want added comfort it comes at an added price.

For budgetary concerns you must have at least these 3 qualities when you choose a shoe: good traction, water resistant, and comfortable. Any preferences after that are where the price will spike. It is up to the golfer to know how much they want to spend and how long they plan on keeping the pair of shoes. A well-priced shoe may last longer than a shoe that is less expensive because it is made of better material. Style is another personal decision. Golf shoes come in all different designs and styles even down to your favorite college team.

To start you golf shoe exploration find a good golf site they let’s you navigate through different pairs of shoes and brands. has a great golf shoe selection and website to start your shopping.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series Review

Last year was the year of the wedge, this year the year of the driver (possibly). This dynamic second generation driver from Cleveland has some serious perks. Designed in 3 models all weighing 25 grams less than the previous models make a seriously lightweight driver. Defined as a game-improving driver, this scored high across the board for feel, accuracy, distance, and looks. We think Cleveland golf is onto something with this new driver. The feel was solid and great in the forgiveness department. As a light club the distance was as good as should be expected. It’s classic shape and design were no distraction in testing. This no frills club is packed with plenty of technology and we understand why it made Golf Digest hot list this year.

TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 and R11 Review

TaylorMade R11 Driver Burner Superfast 2.0

TaylorMade highly anticipated series returns from both the Burner Superfast 2.0 and R11. TaylorMade took the approach of all white and didn’t look back. This design feature quickly became the popular item this season and they lead the way. The all white design change helps reduce glare. The R11 series follows the R9 by having an adjustable hosel and rotating soleplate, which allows players 48 possible settings. This club was designed to give golfers forgiveness and added distance and speed. This is a driver for a serious golfer who is looking to gain more distance from their driver. The Burner series uses a lightweight club as their selling point for this club. They did this for added distance; we would suggest this club to golfers who want to increase speed. Testers agree that accuracy was a main selling point for this club. Head over to this week and catch the r11 on the weekly specials-shipping starts today!

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver Review

Callaway Golf Company is always trying to push the edge of technology. Their latest club the Callaway RAZR Hawk line is unprecedented. They have yet again used their Forged Composite and groundbreaking aerodynamic design to reduce energy and drag on the downswing. The innovative aerodynamics they are calling Streamlined Surface Technology.

This has allowed them to create this club that has both increased in accuracy and precision. It was a gold medal finalist in Golf Digest 2011 Hot List. Already a crowd favorite even before it hit the shelves.

Update: If you are shopping for this driver or any others this month check out they have free shipping on all golf clubs.

Nike VR Pro Driver Review

Nike created an all-new driver with the latest in technology and advanced design. The VR Pro was created with a pear shape for more weight at the optimal CG locations. With it’s new Variable Compression Channels players are able to get more ball speed and greater distance. An added feature that we particularly liked was the adjustability; with the STR8-Fit Face Angles you can shape you shots and get the best workability out of the club.  This club gave us a great feel and responsive sound. If you stop by this week you will find this as their weekly special!

Ping G15 Driver Review

g15-driverThis driver is engineered for maximum forgiveness that delivers distance and accuracy. This driver performs extremely well with great contact and feel on drives- this may be your new favorite driver you never hear of. One of its greatest features was consistency you can’t argue with that. Even if this driver doesn’t have all the bells and whistle of cutting edge technology that other manufactures boast about, this is a well performing driver that we think you should take for a test spin. Or if you are in the mood to buy one for yourself or a fellow golf nut head over to and make it happen.