How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Choosing the right golf shoe is like choosing any other shoe, the right one ultimately comes down to personal choice. A shopper needs to lay out what they’re looking for and what they want out of a golf shoe. Some questions you should ask yourself are: What type of weather do I expect to play in? Do I want my shoes to be fashionable? Are they only for comfort? Last but certainly not least important. What is my price range?

All golf shoes have some sort of common denominator after you weed out the shoes don’t have the bare necessities then you can choose the right one based on personal preferences. A good golf shoe most importantly needs to have good traction. These shoes are built to give golfers a good grip on the ground. Their functional design is to give stability in their body so they can take a proper swing. Traction is important for golfers when they are on a bunker. Golfers aren’t allowed to ground clubs into the sand or take a practice shots so it can be difficult to find your footing and keep balanced, which is why good traction is essential.

Knowing what type of weather you will be playing in is crucial when choosing the type of material you want your shoe to be. Most golfers will experience some rain and bad weather on the course that is inevitable. It is the degree of that weather that you have to consider when choosing your shoe. The more rain you will be playing in the more waterproof and water-resistant you want your shoes to be. Every golfers shoe should be at the very least water-resistant.

Comfort is important because as a golfer you know that you will be walking for long stretches. This is usually what makes a good shoe is comfort. Look for a shoe that is lightweight and flexible is critical to the comfort level. Some shoes are even made with memory foam for added comfort. This is where price will come into play, if you want added comfort it comes at an added price.

For budgetary concerns you must have at least these 3 qualities when you choose a shoe: good traction, water resistant, and comfortable. Any preferences after that are where the price will spike. It is up to the golfer to know how much they want to spend and how long they plan on keeping the pair of shoes. A well-priced shoe may last longer than a shoe that is less expensive because it is made of better material. Style is another personal decision. Golf shoes come in all different designs and styles even down to your favorite college team.

To start you golf shoe exploration find a good golf site they let’s you navigate through different pairs of shoes and brands. has a great golf shoe selection and website to start your shopping.


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