Best Golf Shoes

Zoom_TrophyNike Heritage

Nike is obviously one of the best shoemakers out there and that is why they top our list for the best golfing shoes. They have just about every type of golf shoe you could want from the classic style to your favorite sports team. Our personal favorite Nike golf shoes are the Nike Heritage and Zoom Trophy. The Nike Heritage golf shoes are made from a water resistant synthetic leather. This is a proven material that works to keep the rain out. Another reason we like this golf shoe is the price point a cool $59.99 this price is a steal for this quality of shoe. Nike Zoom Trophy are some of the comfiest Nike shoes we have tried which is why we don’t mind walking the whole 18 in these bad boys. They also come in a variety of colors so you can customize your shoe to match your style.

ECCO Casual CoolIf we are talking comfort ECCO golf shoes are like walking on water (not that we know what that’s like). But these are some of the comfiest golf shoes we have ever put on. There is a reason you have to spend a few more dollars on these golf shoes but let’s be honest it’s well worth it. The ECCO Casual Cool are some of our favorites from last season but they are the classic golf shoe design and hold up fantastically under all weather conditions. 


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