SkyCaddie SGX GPS Review

The newest installment to the SkyCaddie GPS line is the SGX. This unit is mecca for those looking for reliability and convenience. The one thing that is catchy about this device is that you have to spend some money if you want to use all of the features. But once you get it going the features are completely worth it. Our favorite features is the screen whether you have good or bad whether it’s always shinning, no glare even when it’s sunny. The last thing you want is to have to squint to see what it’s telling you. The battery life lasts for a good amount of time as far as we could tell in testing no problems with it draining too fast. A good price as far as GPS units go. We suggest you go to and see what kind of deals they have going on for GPS units.


2 thoughts on “SkyCaddie SGX GPS Review

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  2. I’ll admit it…I tried a cheaper product made by Garmin. It locked up every three or four rounds. After trying three units I gave up and bought the SG5. It works great. The color screen is very easy to read in the sun. The charge lasts longer than I expected, usually three full rounds at least. My only complaint is that it’s a little bigger than some of it’s competitors. You can’t slip it into your pocket to take a swing. But I’ve used it for six months and it’s performed flawlessly. If you are thinking of saving a little money, I would not recommend any of the models with black and white screens (SG2.5, SG3, SG4). They are very hard to read in the sun; you have to constantly rotate the screen around to catch just the right angle. Although it lacks the features of the higher models, the SG2, with it’s black-on-green screen, is easier to read. If you are thinking of buying anything but the SG5, I’d strongly recommend that you find someone who has the model you’re considering, and check out the screen in the bright sunlight.

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