Tour Edge XCG-4 Hybrids Review

The Tour Edge XCG-4 Hybrids were crafted with new engineering  techniques and a revamped design. The Hybrids have increased performance in mind. Designed to deliver a margining steel cup face and crown for unequaled power. Exotics engineers chose maraging steel over stainless steel because of it’s superior strength and ability to produce less spin and faster ball speeds. High launch and accurate launch is a result of deeper center of gravity.

For even more energy transfer at impact, twi internal weight pads improve sound, feel and the center of gravity location. The results are a low spin rate and perfect launch angle that gets shots up quick and lands them softly next to the pin. Currently priced at $199.99 at (very well prices for this type of innovative technology and performance).

In testing this club really blew the competition away. The power and accuracy this hybrid gave was something we weren’t expecting. We couldn’t tell that much difference between the steel materials used on the face but i’m sure it helps.


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