Masters Tournament-What’s In The Golf Bag

Master’s Tournament week-we take a special look into the players golf bags. Players not only bring their A game they bring their A clubs. What type of chances do golfers take? Latest and greatest golf clubs or good old faithful. Most stick with their new equipment they have been playing with this season. But you never know what type of clubs you will be needing on one of the most historic, beautiful, and difficult courses in the world.

Players like Phil have been using his bag of Callaway clubs including, RAZR Hawk Tour 9.5 Driver, the Big Bertha Diablo Fairway, X-forged irons, JAWS wedge, White Hot XG blade, and finishing it with Callaway Tour i(z). Phil has announced that he will be playing with 2 different driver with different lengths, this should be interesting.

The other man who knows Augusta Nationals Golf Course just as good and 3 time champion is Tiger Woods. He is playing with a Nike bag of tricks including VR Tour Driver, VR Pro Blades, Method 003 putter, and VR Forged Wedge finishing with the ONE Tour D golf balls


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