TaylorMade Tour Ghost Putters Review

If you’re a big putter fan you probably have lusted over TaylorMade’s original Corza Ghost mallet putter. With the success of the Corza Ghost putter and TaylorMade’s love of white golf clubs they extended the line to their all new Ghost series.  With three new models including the Daytona, (blade style) Fontana (mid-mallet style), and Maranello (small mallet).

The Ghost series was engineered under advisement of PGA Tour coaches and TM Tour Staff. The white color and alignment aids are brought over from their previous model. The big deal with the new series is the Pure Roll titanium face insert. The insert is supposed to solve 2 common problems found in putter performance; loft and face impact. Not incredibly different from the previous Ghost model merely a subtle shift in in the feel of the firmness. No longer newsworthy is TaylorMade’s white clubhead which help at address and give that stark contrast between the green and the club.

With notable improvements we loved the evolution of this putter into the newest Ghost line. Don’t get your hopes up that the new line is lifechaningly different then the previous model, you just have more design choices now. At $160 these putters are worth their keep. We found free shipping for them at GolfClubs.com to boot.


2 thoughts on “TaylorMade Tour Ghost Putters Review

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