White Cobra S3 Driver -Limited Edition

If your a fanatic Cobra Golf fan and you love getting your hands on clubs that only a limited amount of people in the world are allowed to own listen up. Cobra Golf is releasing an All-White S3 driver for a limited time. The new driver features a few spectacular differences from the original black S3 driver. Designed with an all white Aldila RIP Beta shaft for maximum shot control and a white Golf Pride tour wrap 2g grip. Don’t worry they didn’t stop there, they are also throwing in a white headcover and white AFT wrench for adjustments. Each driver is individually numbered and with limited quantities you want to make sure you get one before they all run out.

We hope that got you excited about this limited edition driver. If you want to be one of the lucky few owners of this beauty head over to GolfClubs.com and order yours today-driver release date is April 20th.


2 thoughts on “White Cobra S3 Driver -Limited Edition

  1. Actually I am still novice in playing golf. I am looking the best equipment to use though. Thanks for the information, this post helps a lot better than the other post I read today. Its very concise and clear.

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