Adams Idea Pro a12 Forged Irons Review

Crafted from tradition and made for performance the latest installment to the Adams Golf line is the Idea Pro a12 forged irons. The club head is forged from 8620 carbon steel and triple milled for performance enhancement. Shifting the center of gravity lower to the heel of the club bringing out stability in the long irons and workability in the short irons. Just as the hybrids did the irons appeal to the more skilled and advanced players looking for top of the line clubs for performance.

Overall we enjoyed these irons for their control and workability. We were extremely surprised and delighted to find fantastic ball flight off these clubs. The speed was up to Adams standards the ball flies off the face. As always you can find them online at


Adams Pro A12 Hybrids Review

Adams Golf is already world renowned for their hybrids but they just got even better with the roll out of their Idea Pro a12 hybrids and forged iron sets. Designed specifically for the skilled player looking for Tour performance golf clubs. Creating them to be up to par with Tour standards meant creating better launch conditions, enhanced playability and they topped that off in a stealth black finish to reduce glare.

The pro a12 hybrids were designed with a more compact clubhead to help for better shot making. A thin steel face allows for better ball speeds and height. Weight has been placed in the sole to help reduce turf interaction. With your choice of 5 different lofts you can easily integrate the hybrids into your bag wherever you need them.

How did all these new design elements help with the overall performance? We enjoyed the touch of a black finish to help with glaring effects of the clubhead. The overall playability of the club was definitely up to par with the Adams name. Great for distance gains and had incredible accuracy from what we found. Starting at $199.99 an extremely reasonable price for Adams Hyrbids you can buy yours at today.

Nike VR Pro Blade Irons Review

Let’s start off with the classic design elements encasing Nike’s latest set of irons. With both a cavity set (vr split cavity) and pro blades you can’t really go wrong. This review we will take a look at Nike’s VR Pro Blade set As far as game play goes these irons are great in consistency and trajectory. Since they are a blade iron set you get solid feedback on each shot. Also that blade style looks great at address no distractions no fuss.

The pro blade set is a great deal for the lower handicap golfer who wants an integrated set for their game playing. Mid handicappers looking to improve their game can certainly take a wack at these. Great for improved ball striking to help lower scores. If you think you are ready to set out for a blade set this is a great starter. Available now at ( we like linking to them because you get free shipping and don’t have to pay tax… it’s a win win)

Cobra S3 Driver Review

For Cobra’s 2011 line up they reintroduced and revamped their driver. The former S2 driver was a great looking driver with its sunburst design sole and classic head shape. Designed just the same for those mid to high handicappers this is the perfect driver to add to the bag. The S3 driver still contains Cobra’s E9 technology which helps increase ball speeds at 9 strategically placed positions on the clubface. It also brings about a 30% larger sweet spot to help compensate for different shot tendencies. They also made this pattern into an elliptical shape after research showed that’s where most missed hits happened. The Adjustable Flight Technology helps adjust the club into open, neutral and closed positions.

Overall if you are looking for a driver that will give you max distance and better trajectory control this is by far the clear club winner. The larger sweet spot is great for the mid to high handicap golfer and the S3 Max driver is even better with the help the offset head provides.  

Callaway’s New Wedge X Series Jaws CC

The wedge is commonly refereed to as the players club. If you need a great comprehensive guide to wedges along with clarification for the new wedge rules check out the link. Since the USGA started regulating wedge grooves golf manufacturers have had to reassess and redesign their wedges so that they conform to new rules. Essentially all they have to do is create their wedges with straight and parallel grooves instead of sharp edges.

Callaway’s unique idea to up the game of their wedges was to add the new grooves but add a ton of them. With 21 grooves about 40% more than their earlier model give this clubhead more spin and a better advantage on the course as a conforming wedge. The X Series Jaws CC is a forged process made from 1020 carbon steel for a better feeling short game club. It will be interesting to see other manufactures solutions but over here we sure like the spin that Callaway’s new wedges give us.

Nike Method Putter Review

Stirring up quiet the buzz on Tour the Nike Method Putters are becoming a standard in players the golf bags. Most recently Lucas Glover handled the Method 003 putter to not only lead the field in putting stats but also take home the victory at the Wells Fargo Championship. Years ago players were skeptical if Nike could make a good putter, the famous Nike Oven proved they could. Their technology proves to not only be a tour success but also a players favorite.

To describe the putters performance we could only use  two of golfs favorite two words for equipment confidence and consistency. A smooth roll with accurate and responsive feedback is everything players should look for in a quality putter. The polymer insert behind the face of the putter allows for a firm strike of the ball. Once you get the ball rolling it just goes, no skidding this putter puts just the right amount of roll on the ball. Essentially Nike’s Polymetal Groove Technology delivers faster controlled forward roll on impact. Have we talked this putter up enough? We hope so regardless of the fact your a Nike fan or not they made one of the best putters on the market. To buy any of the Nike Method Putters go to they carry the 001, 002, 003, 004, and 005 styles of this putter.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Fairway Woods Review

We already reviewed the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver but decided we needed a look at the whole collection. Next up was the RAZR Hawk fairway woods from Callaway’s latest collection. Just like the driver Callaway engineers included their latest forged composite material. The fairway woods carry this material in the crown of the clubhead. The goal was that by fusing this lightweight material to a stainless steel body they could re-distribute the weight to the perimeter and sole of the club. Why did Callaway want to do this? Positioning the weight along the perimeter not only boosts forgiveness it enhances the launch angle of shots. They were actually able to make the weight of the crown 24 grams less than previous fairway wood models. Improvements on the shape face included adding thickness to the sweetspot to help with those mis-hits and shanked shots.

What we thought was that this traditional shaped fairway was a great visual overall. It’s definitely a club that can be picked up by both the weekend golfer and some of the best players in the world. It did have that accuracy you look for in a fairway with consistent results.

Bridgestone e-Series Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone e-Series golf balls have been engineered for distance performance customized to golfer’s specific needs. The latest version of the e-Series is based on distance performance and new Dual Dimple Technology. The dimple design allows for better pop off the tee, the inside dimple works to increase power and outer dimple ball roll. Bridgestone known for their golf ball fittings.

  • The e5 is the only 2 piece, urethane construction cover for better distance for moderate swing speeds. Still delivering soft feel and spin around the greens. This ball is great for those short game shots and improvement distance off the tee.
  • The e6 has one of the softest multi-layer golf balls available reducing side spin for increased accuracy. This 3 layer ball has a soft compression core, anti side spin inner layer, and soft surlyn cover. A different look from it’s predecessors quiet noticeable is the dual dimple design. Great alignment arrow as well added to the design to aid for putts and tee shots. Overall the e6 is a great new design and it is a great ball to help position you better on the green. Along with the traditional white, the e-6 also available in optic yellow and orange.
  • The e7 uses it’s multilayer construction for faster speed and longer distances on all shots. Specifically designed for ball flight and what many describe as the “most pure distance of the e-Series golf balls”.