Bridgestone e-Series Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone e-Series golf balls have been engineered for distance performance customized to golfer’s specific needs. The latest version of the e-Series is based on distance performance and new Dual Dimple Technology. The dimple design allows for better pop off the tee, the inside dimple works to increase power and outer dimple ball roll. Bridgestone known for their golf ball fittings.

  • The e5 is the only 2 piece, urethane construction cover for better distance for moderate swing speeds. Still delivering soft feel and spin around the greens. This ball is great for those short game shots and improvement distance off the tee.
  • The e6 has one of the softest multi-layer golf balls available reducing side spin for increased accuracy. This 3 layer ball has a soft compression core, anti side spin inner layer, and soft surlyn cover. A different look from it’s predecessors quiet noticeable is the dual dimple design. Great alignment arrow as well added to the design to aid for putts and tee shots. Overall the e6 is a great new design and it is a great ball to help position you better on the green. Along with the traditional white, the e-6 also available in optic yellow and orange.
  • The e7 uses it’s multilayer construction for faster speed and longer distances on all shots. Specifically designed for ball flight and what many describe as the “most pure distance of the e-Series golf balls”.

2 thoughts on “Bridgestone e-Series Golf Ball Review

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  2. The e-Series line of balls by Bridgestone is a strong entry in the mid-handicap line. I personally like the urethane cover of the e-5 ball. I like the extra spin off of my irons. I have not noticed a lot of difference in driver distance among the three balls. I like them.

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