Callaway’s New Wedge X Series Jaws CC

The wedge is commonly refereed to as the players club. If you need a great comprehensive guide to wedges along with clarification for the new wedge rules check out the link. Since the USGA started regulating wedge grooves golf manufacturers have had to reassess and redesign their wedges so that they conform to new rules. Essentially all they have to do is create their wedges with straight and parallel grooves instead of sharp edges.

Callaway’s unique idea to up the game of their wedges was to add the new grooves but add a ton of them. With 21 grooves about 40% more than their earlier model give this clubhead more spin and a better advantage on the course as a conforming wedge. The X Series Jaws CC is a forged process made from 1020 carbon steel for a better feeling short game club. It will be interesting to see other manufactures solutions but over here we sure like the spin that Callaway’s new wedges give us.


One thought on “Callaway’s New Wedge X Series Jaws CC

  1. Having more grooves gives the opportunity to have more clean grooves to impart spin on the ball. In therough, this may alllow spin where a lesser number of grooves does not. In the fairway, tests show that a club with no grooves will spin the ball if struck properly. I suspect dry, clean club and ball are needed.

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