Adams Speedline 9088 UL Driver Review

The latest edition to Adams golf line of drivers comes the Speedline 9088 UL Driver. Following in the footsteps of their lightweight drivers this aerodynamic design was created to help balance a golfers swing and make hits off the tee easy. With more power than their previous drivers due to a new balancing system which gives the club a higher balance point and a lower swing weight.

The appeal of this club is it’s lightweight club which which comes in as sub-300 grams. The swing weight separates it from the rest of the crowd. The lighter weight driver on the market ended up with very high swing weights. Definitely helps those players who tend to have a slice or hook with the new technology they should be hitting the ball straighter and longer like Adams promises.


Adams Redline Hybrid-Iron Set Review

When Adams first introduced their Redline Series of Irons critics found them to be a bit gimmicky looking. But there are critics for everything and these were probably the people who hadn’t tested the irons out yet. A few notes first about the Redline Irons Set is it’s a combo set of long hitting irons and hybrids. Designed with distance as the primary goal, golfers can design the set to suit their skills choosing from various hybrids and irons. Definitely a game improving set made with the intention to hit the ball longer. This 8 club set comes with Adams winning hybrids added for no extra charge.

In testing they hit great and definitely have the ability to be bit long if you hit them well. Forgiveness was definitely a big factor with these clubs. You get great results if you hit them in the center of even those off-center hits still go straight. Not too far off center but enough to call them a forgiving iron. The distance is still there though which I found to be extremely impressive. Overall good distance gains and a great set of clubs if you want the ability to customize your order with irons and hybrids for an extremely reasonable price.

Adams Idea Pro a12 Forged Irons Review

Crafted from tradition and made for performance the latest installment to the Adams Golf line is the Idea Pro a12 forged irons. The club head is forged from 8620 carbon steel and triple milled for performance enhancement. Shifting the center of gravity lower to the heel of the club bringing out stability in the long irons and workability in the short irons. Just as the hybrids did the irons appeal to the more skilled and advanced players looking for top of the line clubs for performance.

Overall we enjoyed these irons for their control and workability. We were extremely surprised and delighted to find fantastic ball flight off these clubs. The speed was up to Adams standards the ball flies off the face. As always you can find them online at

Adams Pro A12 Hybrids Review

Adams Golf is already world renowned for their hybrids but they just got even better with the roll out of their Idea Pro a12 hybrids and forged iron sets. Designed specifically for the skilled player looking for Tour performance golf clubs. Creating them to be up to par with Tour standards meant creating better launch conditions, enhanced playability and they topped that off in a stealth black finish to reduce glare.

The pro a12 hybrids were designed with a more compact clubhead to help for better shot making. A thin steel face allows for better ball speeds and height. Weight has been placed in the sole to help reduce turf interaction. With your choice of 5 different lofts you can easily integrate the hybrids into your bag wherever you need them.

How did all these new design elements help with the overall performance? We enjoyed the touch of a black finish to help with glaring effects of the clubhead. The overall playability of the club was definitely up to par with the Adams name. Great for distance gains and had incredible accuracy from what we found. Starting at $199.99 an extremely reasonable price for Adams Hyrbids you can buy yours at today.

Adams Golf V3 Hybrid-Iron Set Review

Adams Golf created their set of V3 Hybrid-Irons to “Play as good as they look” according to Michael Vrska director of product development over at Adams golf. The new idea Tech V3 hybrids and irons bring together a black PVD finish and easy performance for mid-range handicappers. This 8 piece set encompasses everything from from 4,5,6, hybrids to the 7 mid hybrid. The irons feature four oversized cavity-back irons 8-gap wedge. What’s unique about the set is the weight placement on the heads. The hybrids have precisely placed tugsten weighting on the steel heads enhances the forgiveness of the clubs and reduces turf drag. The forged irons have heel toe weighting for improvements in feel across the face. With some of the latest technology from the Adams Golf labs this is one set we were extremely excite about.

The set not only excels in it’s appearance but also it’s easy to hit not leaving any gapping issues the clubs work very well together. Performing just as good as it looks was not just a promise it was the truth. A great set for those player looking to integrate hybrids into their iron set Adams is still the leader in their hybrid technology.

Adams Golf Tight Lies Plus Set Review

Adams tight lies plus set is the newest addition from adams golf for a full club set. The set includes a set of 14 game changing (yes we said it) clubs. Let’s first look at the Titanium driver a 460cc head design perfect for shot shaping and extreme distances. The 3&5 Fairway wood also give you more distance and forgiveness from the fairway. 2 Hybrids 3&4 were designed with a low and deep CG helping get that ball airborne. Adams is known for their hybrid clubs which is just the added bonus in this set. 5-LW Irons their cavity back design is perfect for added confidence. For your short game a mallet putter crafted for easy alignment and balance. To top it all off they all come together in a Adams Golf shanzy premium golf bag. just added Adams Tight Lies Plus Set to their product line up look for it now.

We loved all the clubs in this set. Most importantly the hybrids lived up to the Adams #1 hybrid golf name. They had a great selection of clubs for a wide variety of skilled golfers. The mallet putter was a great addition to this full set. Generally we see blade putters added to these full sets. A mallet putter is a great alignment aid and balanced putter that helps more golfers each year with their short game.

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Fairway Wood Review

Adams created a fairway wood that was had the most aerodynamic shape they could. They did this to create less drag and airflow, which in turn will give the golfer more distance. They are precision milled for optimized center of gravity. The weight pads allow for 2 ball flight options.

This was an easy to hit club from a variety of lies. We would like to point out how easy it was to hit from difficult places in out in the rough. The Speedline Fast 10 is a great addition to the bag if you are looking for a club that will give you accuracy.

Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid

Adams has always been on the cutting edge of technology for hybrid golf clubs and they have had many victories, with #1 selling clubs every year. The Black Super Hybrid was designed to be a bigger and more powerful club than any other hybrid on the market. It’s built for players who are looking for a high performance hybrid that is going to give them maximum distance as well as accuracy and forgiveness.

This was an easy club to play with, where it really shined was in forgiveness, shanked shots were easily corrected. Overall, Adams has created another great hybrid to add to their long line of incredible clubs. We thought this club was especially made as an overall performance changer, helping a golfer in not only distance but accuracy and forgiveness as well.


Adams Idea a7 Steel Set Review

The perfect set of game improving irons are the Adams IDEA A7 Steel Set. The IDEA A7 set was designed with the average golfer in mind. Each of the irons have been individually designed and optimized to outperform the traditional set. They still have the traditional look of an iron set but Adams stepped them up to the next level. Starting out with a transition 5-iron and moving up through to their game changing hybrids. The #3 and #5 hybrids are a blend performance of forgiveness and distance.

Adams continues to be a leader in product development for average golfers. When tested by beginners they saw and immediate change in the straightness and constancy of their shots. They have absolutely made game improving equipment in an easy-to-use club set. Voted Best on Golf Digests Hot List they are the perfect set of combination irons and hybrids. We would recommend this set to beginners through to intermediate as a stepping stone set to advance their game.


Distance Driver

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver

If you want to improve your distance game with a driver look no further than this club. The club is the third generation of Adams aerodynamic design. Like the name suggests it’s designed to increase speed. The logic they use is that the faster the club the longer the shot. The new aerodynamic features reduce drag in all the stages of a golfers swing. It comes in three different loft degrees 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 depending on what you’re looking for.  There is also a choice of 2 high quality shafts.

Adams Speedline Fast 10

The distinction this club has from the other Speedline drivers is that the club head is forged and welded instead of cast. It can be put in the performance enhancing club category. The new technology delivers extra distance to any player who picks up with club. The look is a traditional driver but once you look under the hood of this club you see there is more than meets the eye.

Our testers said it immediately added extra yards to their drive and it was an easy to play with club. To try it out for yourself go to