Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1Review

While we reviewed the V1 cart back in November Sun Mountain has decided to revamp and update the cart already. The new Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 is the latest innovation out of this industry leaders factory. The 3-wheeled model has their signature ergonomically correct handle making it easier to push around on the course. Like any good push cart it’s easy to fold and unfold. One of the essential features this golfer needs to find in a good push cart. What I also liked about the easy set up was how small it folded down to. The wheels are a little bulky but the overall size isn’t bad to work with (see picture). Some outstanding features we think you might like include the retractable score card try (very easy to use and handy), great storage compartments big enough to but your GPS or rangefinder in, and the umbrella mount because rain or shine I’m probably on the course. Check out the


Sun Mountain Micro Cart Review

Sun Mountain is ready for 2012 with their new Micro Cart. Unlike the Cligear cart that we reviewed the Sun Mountain cart has 4 wheels. Which is better? Personally we didn’t see a huge difference between the two. The 4 wheeled cart you were able to feel a little bit more stable but the 3 wheels give you better versatility and movement around the course.

Lightweight which makes it great for transporting from the greens to the car. Once you make it to the car it’s just a few fold away from the car. In our experience it folded up so easily and small we never thought twice about it. Fit’s into a car trunk easily with enough room for your golf bags too. The cart handles great on the course and of course the foam wheels are a must have on golf carts today. What was nice about this cart is you don’t have to buy accessories like a drink holder as extra’s they are already included. Even though it says it’s designed to match their Sun Mountain MCB bag it will fit just about any cart bag easily.

The Sun Mountain Micro Cart is now available at

Most Cart Friendly Carry Bag

When you buy a carry golf bag you generally plan on actually carrying it around the course. Well that might not always be the case. That’s why Sun Mountain made a carry bag that was also friendly to strap onto the golf cart. The new version of their already popular Superlight 3.5 carry bag is the perfect solution to the carry/cart controversy.

The new design features that make it cart friendly are it’s 4-way divided top, 3 handholds (easy to lift out of the cart), and secure stand bag legs. The revamped new shape allows the bag to stand straight opposed to being positioned sideways. An added strap makes sure the bag doesn’t twist around so you have all access to those 7 pockets in the bag.

It’s the perfect hybrid golf bag for the walking golfer (we know your only doing it because you have to).

Golf Gift Guide

1.Golf Clubs

The perfect golf club makes a great gift for anyone (even you). Here are the best brand and clubs that are the best price, technology and manufactured innovation.
Cobra S2 Driver is one of the best looking drivers on the market. Created with 9 point face technology was also crafted with performance in mind to increase ball speeds.
Iron Set
Known for 3 key functions: speed, stability, and launch the Nike SQ MachSpeed Iron Steel Set is the perfect set for any golfer
Odyssey’s White Hot XG are some of the most coveted putters in the game. Odyssey is known for their multi-layer insets are designed to give players better performance.

Cobra-S2 NikeSQMachspeed odyssey white hot XG

2. Golf GPS & Rangefinders

Game changing technology is found right here from the most trusted brands such as Garmin, Callaway, and Leupold

3. Golf Balls

Golfers can always use more golf balls. These make for great stocking stuffers.

4. Golf Gift Set

The best golf package deal for any player or Nike fan is the Nike gift package. The pacakge includes a dozen Nike ONE Balls and you can choose from Tour ONE or Tour One. The package set also comes with 1 Nike TW Tour Glove.

Nike Package

5. Winter Weather Golf Gear

For those who dare to face the elements remember to cover up and protect yourself from the rain.

UmbrellaAll Weather Gloves

Umbrellas and Gloves

6. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalization adds an extra touch that the recipient isn’t expecting. Everyone likes it when something was made just for them.

  • Nike has created the perfect gift for you-free personalization on their most popular golf balls.

7. Golf Shoes

  • When choosing a golf shoe why not go to an industry leader in sports shoes, Nike Air Acadamy. The shoe comes in four different colors depending on personal preferance. The shoe had a low profile and an exceptionally comfortable sole.

8. Golf Carts

Be ready to travel all around the course with your own push/pull cart, There are many advantages of having a golf cart many of which ease your burden of hauling a golf bag around for 18 holes. This season we recommend.

9. Golf Practice

Every golfer can use more practice. During the wintertime especially practice is important to keep up for every player. You can buy anything from indoor training aids to small putting greens for practice shots. These also double as great stocking stuffers under $5

10. College Team Golf Gear

Proud of your favorite college or team? Sport it on the golf course with some of these custom colligate golf accessories.

collegiate cart bagZoom trophy shoes






Sun Mountain C-13 Collegiate Nike Zoom Trophy-Oregon

Simplicity Done Right-Bag Boy M-330 Cart

Everything you need in a simple golf cart we found, at the best price, hands down the Bag Boy M-330. The Bag Boy M-330 Cart has all the essentials needed in a golf cart. From it’s simplistic design to it’s ease of use on the course. This cart allows you to enjoy the course in comfort because of its lightweight design you are not lugging around a heavy golf bag or cart around the course. This cart is a sturdy and reliable piece of golf equipment.

In our use of this golf cart it tested quite well. The cart was sturdy and held up well on a variety of different surfaces. On the course the cart was able to glide through the trees and cart paths. It was simple to fold down if you needed to store it or travel with it in the car. Overall rating of this cart was fantastic for the price and the value.

Bag Boy Sidekick

This is a cart that was made from commitment to design and manufacturing the most innovative walking cart in golf. Designed with ease of use in mind, the Sidekick makes getting on and off the course hassle-free. Features include push on/off foot brake and adjustable handle. Extras for this great cart include an umbrella holder, scorecard holder with valuable compartment and external ball storage.

This was the easiest to fold up and take down than any other bag we tried. It is definitely a cart that was designed with ease of use in mind. With this cart you can get on and off the course hassle-free. We would recommend to use it only with cart style bags. Take a more in depth look at it on

bag boy sidekick

The Most Versatile Golf Cart-Clicgear 3.0

Clicgear 3.0The most versatile golf cart on the market is the Clicgear 3.0. Folding up into an incredible 13’X15”X24” for easy storage and transportation. This cart has improved from its predecessor by adding a new brake lever, improved storage capacity, and a new grip. Great accessories finish up this bags versatility. It comes with a built in valuables tray, storage net, tee and towel storage, umbrella mount, and cup holder.

The ease of set up was not the best but they make the 5-step process easier by highlighting the right knobs and levers in red. Even with these helpful tips it still takes a few tries to set it up perfectly. As far as the course testing went the cart was sturdy, stable, and easy to handle. The added break lever was a much-needed addition. We also liked that the tires were made of solid foam so there is no danger of getting a flat on the course. A little bit pricier than most golf carts but with its extra features set and performance this comes at an incredible value

Golf Buyers Guide to Golf Carts

For those of you who don’t like, or aren’t able, to carry the weight of a golf set for the length of the entire course there is a great alternative. A golf push or pull cart can fill your needs; advantages start by allowing you to push or pull your bag around the green for 18 holes. They have become ideal for many health conscious golfers who want the most practical and effective way to exercise on the course. Benefits include taking pressure off your body, but still allowing you to get the exercise you look for while walking the course. For many golfers, carts have become an essential utility. They have come a long way from being a basic tripod aluminum prop for golf bag transportation. These vehicles have now been designed to move around the golf course in high tech fashion.

As you consider purchasing your first golf cart? Stay tuned this week as we review the top golf carts on the market.