Masters Tournament-What’s In The Golf Bag

Master’s Tournament week-we take a special look into the players golf bags. Players not only bring their A game they bring their A clubs. What type of chances do golfers take? Latest and greatest golf clubs or good old faithful. Most stick with their new equipment they have been playing with this season. But you never know what type of clubs you will be needing on one of the most historic, beautiful, and difficult courses in the world.

Players like Phil have been using his bag of Callaway clubs including, RAZR Hawk Tour 9.5 Driver, the Big Bertha Diablo Fairway, X-forged irons, JAWS wedge, White Hot XG blade, and finishing it with Callaway Tour i(z). Phil has announced that he will be playing with 2 different driver with different lengths, this should be interesting.

The other man who knows Augusta Nationals Golf Course just as good and 3 time champion is Tiger Woods. He is playing with a Nike bag of tricks including VR Tour Driver, VR Pro Blades, Method 003 putter, and VR Forged Wedge finishing with the ONE Tour D golf balls


SkyCaddie SGX GPS Review

The newest installment to the SkyCaddie GPS line is the SGX. This unit is mecca for those looking for reliability and convenience. The one thing that is catchy about this device is that you have to spend some money if you want to use all of the features. But once you get it going the features are completely worth it. Our favorite features is the screen whether you have good or bad whether it’s always shinning, no glare even when it’s sunny. The last thing you want is to have to squint to see what it’s telling you. The battery life lasts for a good amount of time as far as we could tell in testing no problems with it draining too fast. A good price as far as GPS units go. We suggest you go to and see what kind of deals they have going on for GPS units.

Improve Your Game With A Golf Rangefinder or GPS

Thanks to modern technology, golfers have a new gadget to help, hand held GPS. With the use of accurate distance reads from the green to the pin and precise locations of hazards golfer can take off several strokes from their game.

What a golfer can see by using a GPS rangefinder is distances, hazards, yardage and some even show the right club for certain situations. How can they do this you ask? The handheld GPS uses aerial satellite data to find accurate distances.

The GPS cuts out guesswork and frustration that can be caused by a golfers inaccurate read of a course. Some of the frustration comes from hazards you experience on the course like water or sand traps. When you know these can be avoided, it’s worth trying out a GPS.

Golf is a game of knowledge and precision. These devices give golfers more knowledge than they have ever possessed in the past.

Golf equipment manufacturers are quickly getting into this market. Famous club maker Callaway has several rangefinders on the market. However, club makers are not the only players in this industry. GPS guru’s Garmin, Skygolf, and Leupold are also serious players in the GPS and rangefinder industry.

Here are the top 3 rangefinders on the market:

  • Leupold GX-1Uses laser technology and precision optics for accurate line-of-sight measurements. This is the most accurate and tournament legal rangefinder on the market. Leupold proudly defines themselves on precision optics, laser technology, and high quality manufacturing. The best part is it’s small enough to fit in any bag.
  • Callaway LR550 This rangefinder can measure up to 550 yards and it will display the nearest target. It also allows you to measure the distance from the pin to the green even with woods in the background. With quick response times and battery saving features this is a great investment.
  • Garmin Approach G3 GPS This device displays your exact position on a detailed course map. As you move through the course it will automatically update your position, allowing golfers to always know the exact yardage to the pin.

Simplicity Done Right-Bag Boy M-330 Cart

Everything you need in a simple golf cart we found, at the best price, hands down the Bag Boy M-330. The Bag Boy M-330 Cart has all the essentials needed in a golf cart. From it’s simplistic design to it’s ease of use on the course. This cart allows you to enjoy the course in comfort because of its lightweight design you are not lugging around a heavy golf bag or cart around the course. This cart is a sturdy and reliable piece of golf equipment.

In our use of this golf cart it tested quite well. The cart was sturdy and held up well on a variety of different surfaces. On the course the cart was able to glide through the trees and cart paths. It was simple to fold down if you needed to store it or travel with it in the car. Overall rating of this cart was fantastic for the price and the value.

Golf Buyers Guide to Golf Carts

For those of you who don’t like, or aren’t able, to carry the weight of a golf set for the length of the entire course there is a great alternative. A golf push or pull cart can fill your needs; advantages start by allowing you to push or pull your bag around the green for 18 holes. They have become ideal for many health conscious golfers who want the most practical and effective way to exercise on the course. Benefits include taking pressure off your body, but still allowing you to get the exercise you look for while walking the course. For many golfers, carts have become an essential utility. They have come a long way from being a basic tripod aluminum prop for golf bag transportation. These vehicles have now been designed to move around the golf course in high tech fashion.

As you consider purchasing your first golf cart? Stay tuned this week as we review the top golf carts on the market.

Golf Buyers Guide To Drivers

A driver or fairway wood is the first club that most people pull out of their bag on the green. Drivers offer distance where as the fairway wood will give the golfer precision in their shot with a little less distance. This is the main distinction between the two clubs. A golfer may ask how to choose the right driver? Understanding the size of the club head, right shaft, loft, weight, and length is the best start.

  • Shafts come in two materials graphite and steel. The steel shaft is stronger, more durable, and a less expensive option. It offers more control on shots but the trade off is that it requires a faster swing speed. Graphite creates a lightweight club with more power but you sacrifice control.
  • Loft is the angle of the club head. If you’re looking for a club to give you more control you will have to sacrifice the distance.
  • The weight of the driver is based on your handicap a low handicap golfer should have a heaver club and a high handicap will want a lighter club. An experienced golfer will have faster swing speeds and be able to have more control.
  • There are 3 basic lengths on a driver traditional, mid-length, and long. The risk you take with buying a longer club is substantially less control of your shots.