Callaway ORG 14 X Cart Bag Review

Not one, not two, but three handles in all let you toss this golf bag around carefree. With a total of 10 pockets I don’t think you will have to worry about not fitting in a few extra tees in your bag. If that wasn’t enough one of the pockets is insulated so you can bring along your favorite beverage and keep it cool during your round. With a cart strap tunnel its easy to load this bag into any golf cart. A molded 14-way rubber divider lets you organize all your precious cargo while take the tee.

As far as performance goes with this bag it’s one of our favorites. Stable, well made bag. It’s extra features really make it a good purchase. From the putter tube to the insulated pockets it really has everything a golf bag should have. Great size golf bag and easy to tote around in between rounds. With 10 pockets it sometimes gets a little too full and heavy but we can’t blame that on the bag. Overall, great golf bag for any golfer. We found it at for the best price.


Ping G20 Driver Review

The frontrunners to Pings new G20 collection is their driver. Part of a long line of game improving drivers their latest addition follows suit. The technology used in the G20 driver builds on the technology developed to enhance a golfers ability to hit it farther and straighter than it’s predecessor. Also a slightly wider face at address than the former G20 driver but not to the extent of the K15.

This driver is awesome, it has a very hot face, and much more . What was a surprise was the launch angle, definitely has a higher launch than what most drivers have on the market today. We really enjoyed all the new technology enhancements the G20 driver had to offer, it’s definitely worth checking out if you have the chance. A Tour version is also available which is designed for better golfers with higher speeds that will produce lower trajectories.

Titleist Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x

Titleist may have some of the most played golf balls on Tour but what does that mean for the average golfer that isn’t making their living playing golf? Yes, most players have or at one time played with a Titleist golf ball but what makes them so special? Well it all comes down to design, specifically the dimples. That’s what distinguishing the Pro V1 and Pro V1 not only from the competition but each other.

The Pro V1 has a total dimple count of 392 with 5 different types where as the Pro V1x has a total of 332 dimples with 7 different types. Because the Pro V1 golf ball has more dimples it gives it more opportunity to cup wind resistance to increase spin rate, just imagine more dimples more speed. They are both made out of the exact same material so the “feel” is essentially the same on each golf ball. How Titleist explains the difference between the two as the ProV1 has “long distance with consistent ball flight” and the ProV1x has “Low Spin and Increased Velocity for Long, Straight Distance.”

Online Golf Shopping: Tips List

We all understand the woes of online shopping that’s what blogs like try to do. Finding you the best equipment at the best prices from the best places with reviews of the equipment. We have helped you learn how to choose the right driver, wedge, putter, shoes, etc but what about when it comes down to actually purchasing the club? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Looks for a secure checkout
  • Search out customer reviews of both the product and the online store
  • Compare the prices
  • Authorized dealer of the equipment (golf manufactures sometimes take a while to update their lists online so take them with a grain of salt)
  • If the deal looks too good to be true it probably is- most prices of golf clubs are regulated by the manufacturers and can’t be sold under a certain amount if their advertising waaaay lower it’s probably a fake.
  • Check out the privacy policy (keep your data safe) and the return policy (one thing we like about is they have a 30 day playability guarantee)
  • Look for discount code online (they all have them floating around)
  • Best thing about shopping online you can always find the club in stock somewhere!
  • Good Luck

Most Cart Friendly Carry Bag

When you buy a carry golf bag you generally plan on actually carrying it around the course. Well that might not always be the case. That’s why Sun Mountain made a carry bag that was also friendly to strap onto the golf cart. The new version of their already popular Superlight 3.5 carry bag is the perfect solution to the carry/cart controversy.

The new design features that make it cart friendly are it’s 4-way divided top, 3 handholds (easy to lift out of the cart), and secure stand bag legs. The revamped new shape allows the bag to stand straight opposed to being positioned sideways. An added strap makes sure the bag doesn’t twist around so you have all access to those 7 pockets in the bag.

It’s the perfect hybrid golf bag for the walking golfer (we know your only doing it because you have to).

Hirzl Golf Glove Review

A golf glove can be worth a thousand words or shanks depending on how good the glove is. Thankfully a new player is in town. The popular Swiss glove maker Hirzl has finally made it’s way over the pond and here to the U.S. As discussed on The Hackers Paradise it’s been a good tester round.

Why are Hirzl golf gloves so much better than the standard glove?

Made with some unique material including Kangaroo leather on the palm and mesh/cabretta back on the Trust series of gloves. Hirzl unique GRIPPP technology delivers players what they say is 3x better grip in dry weather and 5x better grip in wet weather.

Sound too good to be true? Reviewed by the USGA these beauties conform to the rules of golf, so you can carry them in your bag to the next tournament you play in.

Only carried by a handful of stores in the U.S. including the Hirzl golf gloves are a but pricier than the average golf glove but if you have learned anything from this review is that these gloves are way above average.

Available in three different gloves: Trust Control Glove, Trust Feel Glove, Sofft flex glove

Sun Mountain Four 5 Carry Bag Review

For golfers looking for the best golf bag to carry on the course needs to meet their basic needs of comfortability, organization, and looks. Sun Mountain has traditionally made their niche in the golf market bringing quality golf bags that adhere to golfers needs.

The Four 5 carry bags touches on golf’s walkers highest needs making the bag lightweight. At only 4.5 lbs it’s light enough to carry around the course with a full bag of clubs and not be exhausted. Making the bag comfortable to carry was also on top of their needs list. A sculpted hip pad improves air flow to your back letting you cool down on the course. A wide shoulder strap makes the comfort level even better. A 14 way top full length divider organizes all your important clubs. With enough pockets to keep everything you could ever want on the course organized. Lastly, it is carried in enough colors to make any golfer happy this golf bag is at the top of our list for carry bags on the course. Less than $200 at the Sun Mountain Four 5 carry bag is one great golf bag.

Nike VR Pro Wedge Review

Nike just released their award winning wedge on April 1st. The Nike VR Pro Wedge received a silver medal on the Golf Digest Hot List for 2011. Nike Golf continues to innovate and redesign their clubs to make it a better golfing world for everyone. The wedge is a succession of their popular VR Pro Line. Forged for accurate shot-shaping on the green this wedge is one of the most exact hitting we have used in a long time. This is a true craftsman club, from the materials to the design it is overall a work of quality.

The wedges face consists of more grooves than a standard club which results in cleaner more consistent ball flights and spin. Having more grooves closer together allows for a cleaner and consistent strike. That is why they crafted it for consistency. Perfect for golfers who need a fresh wedge in their bag with conforming grooves. If you are unfamiliar with the new grooves rule has a great explanation of the new wedge rules.

Nike Tour Athlete’s have already happily adopted this new club as their own such as Stewart Cink, Anthony Kim, Francesco Molinari and Tiger Woods. With the Master’s only a week away they will be using this wedge as their saving grace.

TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 Fairway Review

TaylorMade’s new Burner Superfast 2.0 Fairway Wood uses the same technology as the driver of this series introducing a lighter, longer shaft and a larger, forgiving clubhead. Again this club was designed with TM’s white non glare clubhead. The white clubhead’s are taking the golf world by storm this season their advantages include less glare from the club as well as easier alignment of shots from the tee or fairway. A black face also adds to the bold design of the fairway.

What we enjoyed about this fairway was the lower center of gravity absolutely helped deliver higher launches. We were also impressed with the distance this fairway was giving us. This should be expected with the 2.0 technology but we were pleased to see that it was put into action when tested. MSRP of $240 you can find it at most retailers including for $199


Tour Edge XCG-4 Hybrids Review

The Tour Edge XCG-4 Hybrids were crafted with new engineering  techniques and a revamped design. The Hybrids have increased performance in mind. Designed to deliver a margining steel cup face and crown for unequaled power. Exotics engineers chose maraging steel over stainless steel because of it’s superior strength and ability to produce less spin and faster ball speeds. High launch and accurate launch is a result of deeper center of gravity.

For even more energy transfer at impact, twi internal weight pads improve sound, feel and the center of gravity location. The results are a low spin rate and perfect launch angle that gets shots up quick and lands them softly next to the pin. Currently priced at $199.99 at (very well prices for this type of innovative technology and performance).

In testing this club really blew the competition away. The power and accuracy this hybrid gave was something we weren’t expecting. We couldn’t tell that much difference between the steel materials used on the face but i’m sure it helps.