Heavy Putter Lite Series Review

While the name may be a bit of an oxymoron Boccieri Golf definitely knows what they were doing when it comes down to their putters. When they first introduced heavy putters into the market there was nothing comparable to them. It was as its name suggests a heavy putter, touted as its best highlight for its ability to make a smooth consistent stroke. While some found the series a bit too heavy they came out with the Lite Series of Putters.

The Q2-L putter is part of the Heavy Putter Lite series that we reviewed. It has a traditional look and is a beautiful blade style putter. The head is a slim 375 grams. When you look at the face of the putter you are able to see the milling marks. On the green it makes great putts and has a fantastic smooth feel. Not ideal for players who like to rotate putters often but it’s the perfect option for players looking for a putter that will give them a smooth role on the green.

To find more putters from Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Series go to GolfClubs.com


TaylorMade Tour Ghost Spider Review

We already reviewed the TM Tour Ghost putter on our site but with the release of the TaylorMade Tour Ghost Spider we had to see what this combination putter was all about. A mix between the ’08 Monza Spider and the ’10 Corza Ghost. Resurrecting the spider line after 3 years TaylorMade made some necessary adjustments to their popular putter series. They knew they wanted to go white because of those white ghost putters, demonstrating that it were easier to aim with than black, chrome or metallic putters.

What we liked about the new TaylorMade Tour Ghost Spider Putter was the moveable weights and the alignment features. A little bit about the weights: there are two weights located in the back of the putter which allow players to make the head heavier or lighter depending on how you want to customize it. We really liked the Pure Roll Surlyn Insert, performed great on the green, good, smooth forward roll. Another fun feature of this putter is the option to have a single-bend shaft or with a straight shaft that goes straight to the center of the face.

This putter has already received a warm reception on Tour as well. Jason Day, the Australian golfer making huge plays at this years majors so far finishing T2 and 2nd on the leaderboard. Developed by a Tour staff professional (Dave Stockton) it certainly lives up to their standards. “We’ve never made a putter that combines this kind of forgiveness and ease of use. Putting is all about confidence, and the Ghost Spider promotes confidence, big time,” says Stockton.

A reasonable price for a Tour level this TaylorMade Putter can be found at GolfClubs.com

Limited Edition Callaway Golf Clubs 2011

While some golf clubs went all white this season Callaway took the opposite approach. With the launch of their limited edition golf clubs they went for a look of their own.

Why did Callaway go all black instead of all white? The black finish gives golfers the same non-glare that the white clubs do but with a more durable finish that won’t show dings and scratches.

First their driver went all black. Callaway produced 5,000 limited editions of their Diablo Octane Tour Driver donned in an all black finish. Expect it to perform just like their regular Diablo Octane Driver, made with Callaway’s innovative Forged Composite lightweight carbon material. The Tour model is of course for those skilled golfers out there. The difference between the Tour model and the regular driver is it’s slightly smaller head and a design specifically created to deliver increased workability with low, penetrating trajectories.

What makes this Limited Edition driver special? Aside from the obvious all black club head; the driver also comes with a black 45 ½ inch Project X 7C7 graphite shaft and a black and white Golf Pride new decade grip.

Callaway also revealed a redesign of one of their Odyssey putters. The Odyssey PT 10 is the all black special edition all black follow up to their PT 82, which was released last October. You may recognize the PT 10 putter because it is the same design that Ernie Els used to win the South African Open back in 2010. Expected to only release 2,000 to golf retail stores. This limited edition putter was milled from 1025 carbon steel with heel toe weighting and a classic blade style. This putter is also designed for Tour advanced players.

Callaway also announced that they will be turning their popular aid assisting putter into a black model as well. Odysseys White Ice D.A.R.T Tour Black putter still has all the technical advances but now with a dark nickel finish instead of the chrome. The darker finish is supposed to create that contrast and enhance your aim.

Nike Method Putter Review

Stirring up quiet the buzz on Tour the Nike Method Putters are becoming a standard in players the golf bags. Most recently Lucas Glover handled the Method 003 putter to not only lead the field in putting stats but also take home the victory at the Wells Fargo Championship. Years ago players were skeptical if Nike could make a good putter, the famous Nike Oven proved they could. Their technology proves to not only be a tour success but also a players favorite.

To describe the putters performance we could only use  two of golfs favorite two words for equipment confidence and consistency. A smooth roll with accurate and responsive feedback is everything players should look for in a quality putter. The polymer insert behind the face of the putter allows for a firm strike of the ball. Once you get the ball rolling it just goes, no skidding this putter puts just the right amount of roll on the ball. Essentially Nike’s Polymetal Groove Technology delivers faster controlled forward roll on impact. Have we talked this putter up enough? We hope so regardless of the fact your a Nike fan or not they made one of the best putters on the market. To buy any of the Nike Method Putters go to GolfClubs.com they carry the 001, 002, 003, 004, and 005 styles of this putter.

TaylorMade Tour Ghost Putters Review

If you’re a big putter fan you probably have lusted over TaylorMade’s original Corza Ghost mallet putter. With the success of the Corza Ghost putter and TaylorMade’s love of white golf clubs they extended the line to their all new Ghost series.  With three new models including the Daytona, (blade style) Fontana (mid-mallet style), and Maranello (small mallet).

The Ghost series was engineered under advisement of PGA Tour coaches and TM Tour Staff. The white color and alignment aids are brought over from their previous model. The big deal with the new series is the Pure Roll titanium face insert. The insert is supposed to solve 2 common problems found in putter performance; loft and face impact. Not incredibly different from the previous Ghost model merely a subtle shift in in the feel of the firmness. No longer newsworthy is TaylorMade’s white clubhead which help at address and give that stark contrast between the green and the club.

With notable improvements we loved the evolution of this putter into the newest Ghost line. Don’t get your hopes up that the new line is lifechaningly different then the previous model, you just have more design choices now. At $160 these putters are worth their keep. We found free shipping for them at GolfClubs.com to boot.

Alignment Putter-The Odyssey White Ice DART Putter Review





The latest and greatest from the awe-inspiring Odyssey line of putters is the 2011 White Ice Dart Putters. The already popular White Ice collection has added two more impressive putters, one mallet and one blade. The latest in alignment technology and perimeter weighting is what sets these putters apart from the rest. As the name suggests D.A.R.T stands for Direction And Realignment Technology and these putters are designed to ensure accuracy and consistent distance control. Callaway’s already popular insert is of course added to thus multi-layer putter as part of the White Ice collection.

Of course this putters unique style is defined by its recognizable arrow alignment design on top of the putter. This alignment aid is easy to use when lining up putts as it points you in the right direction. It’s not the best one we have ever seen but it definitely does the job. It has a great feel right in line with the rest of the Ice series. Great feedback on putts as well. Overall we really enjoyed this latest addition to the White Ice series from Odyssey. It comes in blade or mallet styles depending on your preferences. We recommend you head over to our favorite online store GolfClubs.com to check out these new Odyssey White Ice DART Putters

Golf Gift Guide

1.Golf Clubs

The perfect golf club makes a great gift for anyone (even you). Here are the best brand and clubs that are the best price, technology and manufactured innovation.
Cobra S2 Driver is one of the best looking drivers on the market. Created with 9 point face technology was also crafted with performance in mind to increase ball speeds.
Iron Set
Known for 3 key functions: speed, stability, and launch the Nike SQ MachSpeed Iron Steel Set is the perfect set for any golfer
Odyssey’s White Hot XG are some of the most coveted putters in the game. Odyssey is known for their multi-layer insets are designed to give players better performance.

Cobra-S2 NikeSQMachspeed odyssey white hot XG

2. Golf GPS & Rangefinders

Game changing technology is found right here from the most trusted brands such as Garmin, Callaway, and Leupold

3. Golf Balls

Golfers can always use more golf balls. These make for great stocking stuffers.

4. Golf Gift Set

The best golf package deal for any player or Nike fan is the Nike gift package. The pacakge includes a dozen Nike ONE Balls and you can choose from Tour ONE or Tour One. The package set also comes with 1 Nike TW Tour Glove.

Nike Package

5. Winter Weather Golf Gear

For those who dare to face the elements remember to cover up and protect yourself from the rain.

UmbrellaAll Weather Gloves

Umbrellas and Gloves

6. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalization adds an extra touch that the recipient isn’t expecting. Everyone likes it when something was made just for them.

  • Nike has created the perfect gift for you-free personalization on their most popular golf balls.

7. Golf Shoes

  • When choosing a golf shoe why not go to an industry leader in sports shoes, Nike Air Acadamy. The shoe comes in four different colors depending on personal preferance. The shoe had a low profile and an exceptionally comfortable sole.

8. Golf Carts

Be ready to travel all around the course with your own push/pull cart, There are many advantages of having a golf cart many of which ease your burden of hauling a golf bag around for 18 holes. This season we recommend.

9. Golf Practice

Every golfer can use more practice. During the wintertime especially practice is important to keep up for every player. You can buy anything from indoor training aids to small putting greens for practice shots. These also double as great stocking stuffers under $5

10. College Team Golf Gear

Proud of your favorite college or team? Sport it on the golf course with some of these custom colligate golf accessories.

collegiate cart bagZoom trophy shoes






Sun Mountain C-13 Collegiate Nike Zoom Trophy-Oregon

Buying A Golf Club Set-The How To Guide

GOLF BAGTake a break from buying individual clubs; buying a complete set is hassle free and a great value. When is the right time to buy a complete set? This can vary on skill set and budget. Many beginner golfers will buy a complete set to get started, this is a great option. A basic set of clubs is what any golfer needs to start playing the game. The set should include the following clubs; three woods, a collection of 3-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. As you need more you can add these on to suite your abilities. This is a great way to get started and get out to the greens.

The first thing to determine it your skill level before purchasing a golf set.

Low handicap golfers (those who are in the single digits) generally want to look for a set that has at least one fairway wood most likely it will be the 3-wood. As far as irons go look for lower irons while the 3 and 4 are more difficult to hit they are also the most useful if used properly. Taking a look at the wedges at least 3 wedges should be in the bag a sand, pitching, and either lob or approach wedge.

Mid-handicap golfers are those that play the bogey golf, generally one over par. Most of the mid handicappers will have a driver and a 3 wood or 5 wood in the bag. A good fairway wood is the perfect way to control consistency on the course. Irons will usually be 3-9 with the addition of wedges.

A high-hadicap golfer are generally those beginners and weekend golfers who shoot closer to 100. Some may not even need a driver in their bag because a driver may bring distance to a players game but it’s very difficult to control it’s accuracy. A fairway wood is a better option off-the-tee a 3-wood is the perfect way to start this and the 7 and 9 wood are a good option to be carried in the bag. Adding up to 3 wedges to the bag is a good idea including the pitching, sand, and either lob or approach wedge.

The most basic set will be a compilation of 2 or 3 woods, 8 irons, wedges, putter, and driver.

Choosing the right flex, as a beginner is also very important, these will range from regular to stiff. Intermediate players will also want to trade up and get new clubs. Buying a complete set is an easy and stress free way to do this.

See the Full Clubs Sets Category for in depth reviews

This Seasons Best Putter Collectoin

Odyssey White ICEWe all know Odyssey can make a great insert and they have done it again with the Odyssey White ICE collection. The insert create a soft feel and forgiveness. With this round, Odyssey has made a new face insert that will compensate for golf ball changes allowing players to have a more responsive feel. Along with the new face the putters have a new black nickel finish to upstage their predecessors. Odyssey has taken the lead in this trend of finishes. The darker finish will also help prevent glare. The shapes are familiar to previous Odyssey putter collections. The putter comes in 7 different styles able to make any golfer happy: Sabertooth, #1, #7, #9, and White Ice Rossie. They also come in 3 different lengths. Overall great putters for a variety of players. You can find them for $129 on GolfClubs.com.

Wilson Staff Putters

Best Putter That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Wilson Staff is a name known for offering top-quality and affordable golfing equipment. The Wilson Staff Putters come in 5 styles for this 888 collection. These precision milled putters are incorporated with the most cutting edge technology. That technology is a Visual Plane Differential Alignment technology (VDP) with markings to aid golfers to position their eyes directly on target for a consistent strike. The milled flat face was made for consistent ball strikes. Grooves on the face promote a forward spin and reduce sidespin making the ball stay on target.

These are the perfect clubs for golfers who are serious about their game and their wallet. The testers agreed that these putters will cut down on strokes during your short game.