Heavy Putter Lite Series Review

While the name may be a bit of an oxymoron Boccieri Golf definitely knows what they were doing when it comes down to their putters. When they first introduced heavy putters into the market there was nothing comparable to them. It was as its name suggests a heavy putter, touted as its best highlight for its ability to make a smooth consistent stroke. While some found the series a bit too heavy they came out with the Lite Series of Putters.

The Q2-L putter is part of the Heavy Putter Lite series that we reviewed. It has a traditional look and is a beautiful blade style putter. The head is a slim 375 grams. When you look at the face of the putter you are able to see the milling marks. On the green it makes great putts and has a fantastic smooth feel. Not ideal for players who like to rotate putters often but it’s the perfect option for players looking for a putter that will give them a smooth role on the green.

To find more putters from Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Series go to GolfClubs.com


Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review

The Bridgestone B330 golf ball is one of the most well designed and thought out golf ball I have ever played with. While Bridgestone is a big name to live up to in the golf ball community I think their latest star attraction lives up to all the hype. Dedicated to the innovation of this ball they don’t forget about quality. The Tour B330 line breaks down into a few different subsects: the regular Tour B330 and the B330-RX for golfers with various swing speeds to have a tour ball option.

The most important advancement on the Tour B330 series is the 330 Seamless Cover Technology. designed to reduce drag and hold the ball in the air longer. They updated this formula to make the new models softer and with a slightly different dimple pattern to encourage penetrating ball flight. Of course let’s not forget these are professional grade level golf balls matched for swing speeds over 105 MPH so they are built tough.

Overall these are a great series of golf balls for serious players. We did like the fact that they also come in Optic yellow if you need a little extra help finding your golf ball. The B330’s will definitely give your game the ultimate control from a golf ball. You can find the B330 series and other Bridgestone Golf Balls at GolfClubs.com

Nike 20Xi Golf Ball Review

Nike has always been a fan of the theatrics and their new golf ball series the 20Xi has the same feel. The latest and greatest from the Nike “Oven” created the most advanced golf ball technology. What we can assume is that this revolutionary new golf ball delivers more distance off the tee and better control on the greens. The construction made the layers simpler and focused on the core. This MOI increase makes for a steeper spin slope. What is the key distinction between this golf ball and others is the ball’s resin core-usually balls are made with a rubber core. With a pricey retail tag these are definitely only golf balls for the serious golfer. However, is it worth it? we like to think so. With overall less spin on all the clubs we tested it with and great launch off different swing speeds. Available at GolfClubs.com it comes in both a 20Xi-S version for spin and control and 20Xi-X for distance and control.

TaylorMade R11 Fairway Review

From the highly anticipated TaylorMade 2011 line up comes the R11 Fairway. The R11 Driver was one of the most highly anticipated clubs this year but they didn’t just stop there, the R11 Fairway is just as impressive. Distinctive of the R11 collection this club features the all-white non glare clubhead finish. What makes this Fairway unique is it’s adjustability features. The adjustable sole allows golfers to adjust the face and launch angles of the club. Claiming an added 50 yards of trajectory the club is designed with a deep face and center of gravity for a seriously penetrating flight distance.

We found the Fairway Wood in the R11 line to be perfectly aggressive. We loved the adjustability capabilities on this club, easy to switch from neutral to closed. The adjustability features really allow golfers to shape their shots. As for ball flight we were still impressed, a lot of Fairway Woods and Drivers these days promise better distance and trajectories but the R11 actually delivers it. As always GolfClubs.com has recently added this club to their impressive TaylorMade collection if you are as into this club as we are head over and check it out starting at $299.99

Adams a70S Keri Max Set Review

Adams a70S Keri MaxAdams a70s Keri MAX set was designed with the luxury of golf in mind. They created it with a female in mind with not only the design but the style features and the clubs themselves. This set includes Fast 10 Driver, three fairway woods, a70S hybrids, two wedges, and a putter. Lastly, the full set comes with their stylish cart bag. They are easy to hit clubs and will make your game not only more fun but fashionable.

Golf Buyers Guide to Ladies Set’s

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first set of clubs or you want to replace an old set of clubs, there are many issues to look out for. It’s is now easy to buy a set of clubs that have been created with a female in mind. Catering to a females needs and specifications. A more traditional set of golf clubs can possibly provide the best level of benefit but women’s golf clubs are the way to go for women to improve their playing style.

First of all, you have to consider you’re height. This affects what type of clubs you need depending on your arm length and ability to reach. It is important that you are comfortable when you swing and that your swing can be as smooth as possible. If you buy a set of clubs that is too long or short it will affect your swing and grip on the club. The best way to test what length is right for you take a few practice swings and see which feels best. Try out various club lengths and compare them. The more comfortable the clubs are the better you will play.

Next, consider what stype of player you are and what areas it is that you are looking to improve. Many female golfers think that they do not get enough distance on their shots. When choosing a set of clubs with an increased loft face you will be able to achieve this. The higher the loft, the greater the angle between shaft and face, making it easier for the golfer to get under the ball. This style of club can greatly improve the way you strike the ball and if this is an area you need to improve on, it will be well worth investing in.

The clubhead size can also make a difference how a golfer performs. Woods usually have a larger face than irons, which means there is more surface area to connect with the ball. This is something that can greatly benefit a beginner. If you are experiencing difficulties with hitting the ball or getting the contact you want, purchasing clubs with a larger face may bring dividends in your playing style. This is where knowing your sense of play is very important as certain clubs can have a huge impact on your scorecard.

Selecting the right set of women’s golf clubs can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many brands and makes on the market but it is important to know what you are after. Not every set of clubs is suited to a player’s style, so having a clear idea of where you need to improve will help any golfer make positive adjustments to their game.

TaylorMade Penta TP Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade_PentaTaylorMade made history with this set of golf balls. This was the first set of golf balls to be manufactured by 5-piece construction. Each layer was designed to improve a different part of the player’s game. The cover is responsible for the ball’s spin. The second layer is there to help  the spin rate of your short game. Third layer promotes launch and helps add distance. Fourth layer was designed to be softer and will compress the ball for better distance. Fifth layer is the core, which helps produce low spin, high launch, and longer distances.

This best part about this ball is that with all its technological advances it can still be played by any level of golfer. The five layer construction brings golfers exceptional feel, spin, control, and launch. As far as durability goes after a few weeks of testing it only has a few scuffs, which is important since each ball costs almost $4. Easily one of the softest golf balls I have felt in a while. If your not an insert player when it comes to putting you would be surprised . Definitely a golf ball that will surprising impress you, it performs great off the driver and even better on the greens.

Nike One Tour D Golf Balls Review


This is the perfect set of golf balls for players who have a fast swing speed and are looking for a firm compression ball. This is a 3-piece construction ball made for players looking to add distance off the tee. The construction consists of two midlayesrs, one for distance and one for maximizing spin. It’s a terrific golf ball that will deliver high quality performance. In practice this Tour set produced a high amount of spin during short game shots.

Find the best price on the Nike One Tour D Golf Balls at GolfClubs.com



Golf Ball Buyers Guide

Everything in golf can be personalized to each golfers own taste, right down to the golf ball. Choosing the right golf ball depends on 3 factors; your handicap, swing speed, and the equipment you use. Overall when it comes down to choosing your specific golf ball, if it doesn’t fit, don’t use it. There are any number of golf balls on the market if one doesn’t work for you, you can be sure there will be another make and model that will.

Golf Balls have 3 different types of construction:

  • 2 Piece: Majority of balls on the market are made with this type of construction. They are made with a solid inner core and a hard cover, designed for distance and durability.
  • 3 Piece Hybrid: constructed with a solid core surrounded by a mantle. These are constructed for forgiveness and increased performance and spin control.
  • 3 or 4 Piece Performance: These are only used by professional players and low handicap golfers.

Beginners: The best golf ball that is recommended for beginners are the cheapest one’s. Since you are still considered to have an inconsistent swing and the best part of the golf ball is not loosing it, going cheap is the best option.

Intermediate: This is where performance aspects come into play. Try finding two piece low compression balls that will help with distance for moderate and slower swing speeds. In general a softer feeling urethane covers produces higher spin rates

Advanced: This is when golfers will start to use the multilayer construction golf balls. The different layers of the balls will enhance different aspects of performance. Of course the price points of these golf balls shoots up dramatically.

If your past the point of a beginner and really want to get a ball that fits you check out this article about Golf Ball Selectors it gives you the best way’s to choose golf balls online from the manufactures.

Please see the Golf Ball Category for full reviews


Golf Gift Guide

1.Golf Clubs

The perfect golf club makes a great gift for anyone (even you). Here are the best brand and clubs that are the best price, technology and manufactured innovation.
Cobra S2 Driver is one of the best looking drivers on the market. Created with 9 point face technology was also crafted with performance in mind to increase ball speeds.
Iron Set
Known for 3 key functions: speed, stability, and launch the Nike SQ MachSpeed Iron Steel Set is the perfect set for any golfer
Odyssey’s White Hot XG are some of the most coveted putters in the game. Odyssey is known for their multi-layer insets are designed to give players better performance.

Cobra-S2 NikeSQMachspeed odyssey white hot XG

2. Golf GPS & Rangefinders

Game changing technology is found right here from the most trusted brands such as Garmin, Callaway, and Leupold

3. Golf Balls

Golfers can always use more golf balls. These make for great stocking stuffers.

4. Golf Gift Set

The best golf package deal for any player or Nike fan is the Nike gift package. The pacakge includes a dozen Nike ONE Balls and you can choose from Tour ONE or Tour One. The package set also comes with 1 Nike TW Tour Glove.

Nike Package

5. Winter Weather Golf Gear

For those who dare to face the elements remember to cover up and protect yourself from the rain.

UmbrellaAll Weather Gloves

Umbrellas and Gloves

6. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalization adds an extra touch that the recipient isn’t expecting. Everyone likes it when something was made just for them.

  • Nike has created the perfect gift for you-free personalization on their most popular golf balls.

7. Golf Shoes

  • When choosing a golf shoe why not go to an industry leader in sports shoes, Nike Air Acadamy. The shoe comes in four different colors depending on personal preferance. The shoe had a low profile and an exceptionally comfortable sole.

8. Golf Carts

Be ready to travel all around the course with your own push/pull cart, There are many advantages of having a golf cart many of which ease your burden of hauling a golf bag around for 18 holes. This season we recommend.

9. Golf Practice

Every golfer can use more practice. During the wintertime especially practice is important to keep up for every player. You can buy anything from indoor training aids to small putting greens for practice shots. These also double as great stocking stuffers under $5

10. College Team Golf Gear

Proud of your favorite college or team? Sport it on the golf course with some of these custom colligate golf accessories.

collegiate cart bagZoom trophy shoes






Sun Mountain C-13 Collegiate Nike Zoom Trophy-Oregon