Cleveland CG16 Wedges Review

If you didn’t think Cleveland could improve their wedges any more they might surprise you. Complete with conforming grooves for the season the new CG16 wedges still use precision laser milling on the face. A little about the upgrades from the CG15 include the Tour Zip Grooves with additional lines of laser etchings in between the grooves for added surface roughness and gripping power. Still giving you great spin control for a wedge. The CG16’s sports a cavity back design and a deeper hollow cavity. The reason for the cavity back design switch was to increase MOI for better forgiveness. It also adds stability and forgiveness for off-center hits.

Both the black pearl finish and satin chrome look great at address. It feels good and plays well. Even with the new grooves we are finding that it doesn’t affect the shots too much. It’s still the top wedge we have tested this year the only wedge in comparison is the CG15 wedge we tested last year. Even though there are a “tour tested design” we think they work even better for the aspiring mid handicappers who are looking for a bit more forgiveness in a wedge. You can find the CG16 wedges at with free shipping.


Callaway’s New Wedge X Series Jaws CC

The wedge is commonly refereed to as the players club. If you need a great comprehensive guide to wedges along with clarification for the new wedge rules check out the link. Since the USGA started regulating wedge grooves golf manufacturers have had to reassess and redesign their wedges so that they conform to new rules. Essentially all they have to do is create their wedges with straight and parallel grooves instead of sharp edges.

Callaway’s unique idea to up the game of their wedges was to add the new grooves but add a ton of them. With 21 grooves about 40% more than their earlier model give this clubhead more spin and a better advantage on the course as a conforming wedge. The X Series Jaws CC is a forged process made from 1020 carbon steel for a better feeling short game club. It will be interesting to see other manufactures solutions but over here we sure like the spin that Callaway’s new wedges give us.

Best Value-Wilson Harmonized Wedges

Wilson Harmonized Wedges

Wilson Harmonized Wedges This wedge is the perfect balance of performance, versatility, and forgiveness. Created with new multiple density face insert. This insert has been proven to help time and time again on the course. These are great feeling wedges for a great value. undoubtably the best wedges in this price range found anywhere from a great brand name.

Technology and Innovation-TaylorMade xFT Wedge

TaylorMade has always been on the forefront of golf club technology and innovation, they didn’t hold back when making the TaylorMade xFT Wedge. Looking at this wedge it is not your traditional wedge design. The shape and grind of the wedge is in a traditional shape but the twist is obviously seen where two screw sets fasten the face on. The exchangeable face innovation happened out of a need to replace warn down grooves. Many pro and tour players become accustomed to the weight and feel of a wedge and don’t want to change or replace it for fear of sacrificing spin and playability. Technology for wedges has been relatively the same for years with the exception of grooves.

The performance of this wedge was the regular feel and performance of a classic wedge. However, the exchangeable faces lived up to our expectations, which makes this very unique in the arena of golf. This is the perfect wedge for players who play a considerable amount of golf and can easily wear out a wedge in a year. A perfect gift for any for avid golf and tour players.

TaylorMade xFT Wedge

Designer Wedge-Fourteen MT-28

The Fourteen MT-28 Wedge Series

These wedges are made with impressive design elements. Specifically the double layer crown, this makes the club smaller and less bulky. It is a simple wedge with a classic design that still carries its own unique features. Fourteens signature “reverse taper design” improves the grooves that are strategically located on the wedge. It conforms to the USGA club regulations. It is available in both a chrome and non-plated black finish. This Japanese manufacturer is recognized worldwide as a leading wedge designer and manufacturer.Fourteen MT-28

The feel of the wedge definitely met expectations, and from a forged club from Japan, our expectations were high. It comes in two shaft options True Temper Dynamic Gold or Nippon 950GH and a variety of loft/bounce options.